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Want to get the most out of your portable device? Even if you bought a high end machine, there’s always ways to squeeze out more speed or overcome hardware limitations. Follow our collection of tips below to get the best possible user experience!

i7 vs i9

Intel Core i7 vs i9: Best CPU for You?

i5 vs i7

Intel Core i5 vs i7: Best CPU for You?

i3 vs i5

Intel Core i3 vs i5: Best CPU For You?

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use


Must-Have Laptop Gadgets for Watching Movies

How To Print Screen On Laptop And Save A Screenshot

How To Print Screen On Laptop And Save A Screenshot

How To Expand IPad Storage

How To Expand IPad Storage

What To Do When Your USB Port Is Not Working

What To Do When Your USB Port Is Not Working

How To Delete Apps On Chromebook

How To Delete Apps On Chromebook

How To Connect AirPods To Chromebook

How To Connect AirPods To Chromebook

How To Invert Colors On Chromebook

How To Invert Colors On Chromebook

How To Get ITunes On Chromebook

How To Get ITunes On Chromebook


7 Reasons Why A Chromebook Is The Best Gift For The Blogger


Why Did Apple Switch Back To Its Scissor Mechanism In 2020?

Why Your Back-Lit Keyboard Does Not Work And How To Fix

Why Your Back-lit Keyboard Does Not Work And How To Fix

Does a Backlit Keyboard Significantly Affect Laptop Battery Life?

Does disabling laptop keyboard backlight LEDs improve battery life?

How to Make Your Laptop Keyboard a Backlit One

How To Make Non-backlit Keyboard On Your Laptops ‘Backlit’

How to stream on twitch from laptop

7 easy steps on how to stream on Twitch using a laptop

feature image - optimize your laptop

How to Optimize your Laptop for Improved Video Streaming in 7 Steps


Should I Buy a Chromebook? [Buying Guide & Advice]


2 Methods of Turning On/Off a Laptop Without Power Button

how to take note on an ipad

How to take better notes on iPad

Dj equipment to buy for beginner - feature image

Choose the Best 7 DJ Equipments for Beginners to Get You Started

Feature Image Laptop Specs For A Newbie Dj

Laptop Specs For A Newbie Dj: 7 Features to Consider

Feature image - Why do Djs use a Macbook ?

Why do DJs Use A Macbook? 5 Solid Reasons Explained

Build studio at home feature image

How to Build Your Own Studio At Home [2020 Guide]

How to Lower Temperature for Your Ultrabooks

How to Lower Temperature for Your Ultrabooks (Without Breaking it Down)

Can You Buy A Future-Proof Ultrabooks For 10 Years

Can You Buy a Future-Proof Ultrabook for 10 Years?


Tech of the 2010s That Change Users’ Behaviours

what's an ultrabook

What Is An UltraBook?

feature image - How to find similar image on a Mac

How to Find Similar Images on a Mac

desktop or laptop for programming

Laptop or Desktop: Which is the best for programming?

Choose a laptop for programming

How to choose a laptop for programming

tablet useful in class

10 Advantages Of Using A Tablet For Students In The Classroom

tablet or laptop for college

Laptop Or Tablet For College? 8 Things To Ask

5g feature image

How 5G change gaming industry (Latest news & updates – Feb 2020)

FI 7

Laptop at CES 2020: Defining the 2020s

featur image

What Makes the MacBook Pro 16” a Great Buy?


What to Consider When Choosing an E-Reader

Feature Pic Generator v 4.1

the best time to buy laptop (Besides When On-sale)

Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

Best Black Friday Deals In 2019 (Revealed)


Macbook Pro 16: What Will Come After?


how to buy a laptop 2020 | Trusted Buying Guide


How To Setup A Karaoke System With A Laptop


How to Connect Two Projectors in One Laptop [Step by Step]


4 Ways On How To Set Up An Alarm On Your MacBook

why is safari frozen on my mac

how to unfreeze safari on mac [Solved]


Is it worth getting a 2 in 1 Laptop

Laptop Battery Charging But Percentage Not Increasing

Laptop Battery Plugged In, Not Changing [Solved]

ip feature image 2

Infographic: 12 Years Of iPhone Camera Evolution (Includ. 11 Pro Max)


Is My Laptop Camera Hacked? How To Tell & What To Do


How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop?


how to use laptop in bed (best Position & Setup)

which laptop screen size is best

Which Laptop Screen Size is Best for You?


laptop battery Draining quickly? [Causes & Fixes]


3 Major Reasons Why Desktop Computers are Not Obsolete


How to Fix Mouse Scrolling Problems on My Laptop


How To Increase Ram Without Buying


How To Make Your Laptop Look & Feel Like A Gaming Laptop


Stay Private: How To Disable Laptop Microphone


Will Resetting Your Laptop Make It Run Faster? (How-To Guide)


Does Using Laptop In The Dark Damage Your Eyes? [Fixes]


How Long Will Laptop Battery Last? & How-To Prolong It

What should I do with a new laptop battery.pptx

How To Break In New Laptop Battery | 7 Tips To Prolong


Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged In Charging All The Time?


best laptop display To Reduce Eye Strain In 2020


how To unfreeze mouse on laptop [Step by Step]


What Makes A Laptop Fast & Why? (Short Answer)


How To Find Out How Old Is Your Laptop

shrink screen back to normal size mac

how to make screen smaller on mac


4 Different Ways to Trace a Stolen Mac & Windows Laptop


How to Get Priority for Wifi On Windows & Mac Laptop

how to upgrade ram on laptop

how to install more ram on a laptop [Step by Step]

Feature pic

How to Disable a Laptop Keyboard (windows & Mac)

how-to-connect-hard-drive-to-laptop-feature image

How to Connect a Hard Drive to Laptop: A Comprehensive Guide


How to Fix inverted colors on Windows 10

use phone as speaker for laptop

Use Your Android/iPhone as Your Laptop Speaker [Guide]


How To Shrink Screen Back To Normal Size (Windows 10)

how to overclock laptop processor

how to overclock Laptop processor / CPU (Intel & AMD)


How to Troubleshoot a Laptop Burning Smell