How to Connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook

Updated on July 31, 2023
How to Connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook

Gaming is a beautiful art and, some would say, an exquisite science. No matter what platform you enjoy this exercise on, there’s a measure of pleasure that just comes with the experience that can defy words in terms of description.

As it stands, there are several ways that you can enjoy gaming today. One such way is to play your favorite games on your Chromebook.

Now, there can be no disputing the fact that most people who bother to play games on Chromebooks usually just go ahead to do so using their keyboard. Many have argued that the experience this way can be quite sublime indeed.

However, for other gamers, this may not be quite enough and they will prefer using things like gaming pads and controllers to have a truly worthwhile experience. If you happen to fall in the latter category of people, then it might do you a world of good to know how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook.

Having this knowledge is certain to broaden your horizon and give you even more interesting ways to experience gameplay on your Chromebook.

Without further ado, let’s get into all that you need to know to make that happen now!

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Chromebook – The Complete Walkthrough

Even game manufacturers are already now onto the fact that many Chromebook users prefer to use controllers like the Xbox controller to enjoy their gameplay. Thanks to this fact, they have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that it is fairly easy for anyone who is interested in this exercise to learn how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook devices.

With this in mind, you should also be aware of the fact that there are several ways that you can perform this exercise. We’ll be touching on some of the most commonly used ones in this post.

These techniques include:

Method One – Connecting Your Xbox Controller to Your Chromebook Device Using Bluetooth

Personally, we consider this to be arguably the easiest way that you can go about performing this particular action. The level of ease and convenience that it offers means that you can get the process done without having to worry or fret about anything.

Also, we have taken the time to break down everything that you need to do along these lines so you can carry out the exercise quickly and efficiently. To learn how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook this way, you just need to follow these steps.

They include:

Step 1 – Switch on Your Xbox Controller

The first thing that you need to get around to doing here is turning on your Xbox controller. Turning on your Xbox controller is important because it is necessary for ensuring that the controller can broadcast its Bluetooth signal.

Step 2 – Activate Pairing Mode

The next thing that you have to attend to here is putting the Xbox controller in pairing mode. This is a simple process to complete as you just need to hold the Xbox button and wait till it lights up and starts flashing slowly.

After that, you then need to locate the “Pairing Button” and hold it down till the blinking on the Xbox button becomes more rapid.

Step 3 – Move to Your Chromebook and Activate Its Bluetooth Function

Now, you have to attend to your Chromebook device and activate its Bluetooth functionality. This is as simple as clicking on the clock and then finding and launching “Bluetooth”.

You also have the option of making your way to your Chromebook “Settings” and finding and activating “Bluetooth” from there.

Step 4 – Begin the Pairing Process

Now, you have to get on to the process of connecting both your Xbox controller and your Chromebook device. To do this, you have to look at the list of Bluetooth devices that your Chromebook has detected. This you can find under “Unpaired Devices”.

Once you are on the page with this list, just look for the name of your Xbox controller, click on it, and wait for a few moments for the connection to take place. During this time, ensure that you keep the Xbox controller as close to your computer as you possibly can.

Step 5 – Check the Set Up Out

Finally, you need to test what you have done. Of course, before you move on to doing this, you can check the Bluetooth menu to see what it says. If the pairing was successful, you will see that the Bluetooth menu will indicate that it is connected to your Xbox controller device. The second clear sign you will see to know for sure that things have gone the way you planned is that the Xbox button will stop blinking.

Finally, you can then move on to testing your newly connected Xbox controller in action in any game of your choice!

Method Two – Use a Wired (USB Cable) Xbox Controller to Connect to Your Chromebook

This method of learning how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook is every bit as simple as the first approach. However, the reason it loses a few points (in our book) is that the wire of the USB cable can sometimes interfere with the comfort and convenience of your gameplay.

In addition to this, you would need to secure some peripherals in order to make this method work. The main thing you need to get here is a USB cable that boasts two different connectors.

That is, the USB cable in question needs to have both a USB Type-A connector as well as a micro-USB connector.

Here’s how to use this particular method of approach in three (3) simple steps.

All you have to do is:

Step 1 – Connect the Micro-USB Connector to Your Xbox Controller

First, you need to attach the micro-USB end of the cable to the corresponding port located behind your Xbox controller. Be sure that you make the connection firmly but gently.

Step 2 – Connect the USB Type-A Connector to Your Chromebook Device

Now, you have to repeat the action you performed in Step 1. Only this time, you would be using the other end of the USB cord to connect to your computer device. Again, ensure that you do this in a gentle but firm manner.

Step 3 – Play Away

Now, you simply need to launch the game you intend to play and start playing! Typically, your computer device will have no problems at all initiating a pairing with your Xbox controller. And, you will notice this almost immediately too as your Xbox controller will vibrate and the Xbox button will light up.

And now, you know two of the best ways that you can use an Xbox controller to take your gameplay on a Chromebook device to the next level. However, before you get on to performing either of these actions, there are a couple of things that you might want to keep at the back of your mind.

Basic Requirements for Initiating a Pairing between an Xbox Controller and a Chromebook

There are undoubtedly a fair amount of things that you might want to keep at the top of your mind when it comes to learning how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook. At the top of this list are the requirements that must be met if this feat is even to be achieved in the first place.

This is because, while this guide might have suggested otherwise up until this point, the fact is that connecting an Xbox controller and a Chromebook computer isn’t an automatic affair and certain things need to be ensured for it to happen at all.

Some of the things that you need to give careful consideration along these lines include:

The Model of Your Chromebook Device

This is arguably one of the biggest points for consideration. The biggest thing to note here is when your Chromebook device was actually released. If the model that you’re currently using was made and released before 2017, then there is a very good chance that it won’t be compatible with your Xbox controller.

However, if it was released post that timeframe, you can rest assured that you very well might be able to use your device with this controller. One of the best ways to know for sure what your fate is here is for you to just look at the specifications of your Chromebook device.

The Current Software and OS of Your Chromebook

Another point to note along these lines is what OS your Chromebook is running. Those who have a device that runs Chrome OS version 77 or later can breathe easy as this operating system fully supports the Xbox controller.

You can check which Chrome OS your device is operating by visiting the “Settings” of your device and checking the “About Chrome OS” section.

Bottom Line

Learning how to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook is as easy as pie! And, to make what’s simple even simpler, your device doesn’t even have to meet particularly high benchmarks for that to happen.

Once you’ve checked your specs and you know where you stand, you can enjoy your gaming with Xbox controller on Chromebook without stress!

Have fun playing!

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Erwin Valles

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