Learn How to Change Time on Chromebook

Updated on April 23, 2023
Learn How to Change Time on Chromebook

The advent and subsequent ravaging effect of the pandemic compelled quite a lot of industries to readjust their working paradigm if they were to survive in any substantial capacity. One of the very first things to go during those times was the initially unshakeable need for people to see each for business meetings and other things of that nature.

Before this time, sealing deals in person (in one capacity or the other) was thought to be an indispensable aspect of performing business. However, virtual meetings soon became the order of the day and the new paradigm of operation. Thankfully, as the world is slowly getting back to the way that it was before, some of these old cultures are returning. And with them, some old “worries” will start to rear their ugly heads.

One such worry is figuring out precisely how to change time on Chromebook easily.

Changing the Time and Date Settings on Your Chromebook – Is That Really Important?

Depending on variables like where you have to go and how far you have to travel, it is arguably inevitable that, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in a new time zone. And, just the same way that your body has to take a breather sometimes to adjust to this new situation, the time and/or date setting on your Chromebook might demand a little tweaking as well.

Of course, on many levels, the argument can be put forward that you do not necessarily need to bother about such a seemingly minute variable. And, up to a certain extent, this is quite literally true.

However, depending on just how much use you make of your Chromebook as well as how heavily you rely on this resource in certain areas, the need to make this change might actually be a matter of not just a necessity but also that of urgency.

Just think for a moment if you had an appointment slated for one time but a change in time zone ends up moving that time frame upwards or downwards. The result of which will be that you will likely end up arriving far too early or too late for your meeting.

As is only to be expected, anyone who is time conscious would dearly love to avoid such an unpleasant scenario.

And, you can! All you have to do is take a few moments out of your time to follow these simple guidelines and adjust the date and time on your Chromebook with ease!

Why Do You Need to Change the Time on Your Chromebook Yourself?

Sure, it’s certainly true that you can simply go right ahead and make the necessary adjustments on your Chromebook date and time settings all by yourself. But, one question that is likely to linger on your mind is; why do I even need to do this at all in the first instance?

Considering that you are holding what is in fact an advanced piece of machinery, is there no in-built function that you can simply activate to help automatically take care of this task? If yes, why doesn’t it work as expected? And, much more importantly, how can you get this feature to function the right way?

Well, to answer these questions, yes, there is in fact a function that you can activate on your Chromebook to ensure that the date and time feature automatically updates itself. Usually, you just need to make your way to the “Settings” tool on your Chromebook and set the toggle for the “Set Time Automatically” to “On”.

With the above, the time and date function of your Chromebook should update as necessary, at least in theory. However, there remains at least one vital reason why you are almost always better served updating this feature manually, especially when you’re changing time zones. The reason for that is none other than the fact that, even though this feature will in fact perform as instructed, there is always a real chance that it will not update the time and date correctly to reflect what you’re experiencing locally. Needless to say, should you go ahead and plan your schedule relying on such a resource, you might very well end up making a real mess of things.

As such, in line with being safe rather than sorry, it is almost always best to just stay ahead of the game and configure your time and date settings on your Chromebook manually. This ensures that everything is how it should be and you keep (at least) a relatively accurate time.

How to Change Time on Chromebook Without Stress

Looking for a convenient, efficient, and portable device that will serve you well on the go and give you only the most minimal (if any at all) issues throughout its lifespan? If yes, you’ve most likely been looking for a Chromebook and just didn’t know it!

These devices are simple to use, amazing, and generally give an all-around outstanding performance, effectively ensuring that you get a real bang for your buck on every level. This is also perhaps why they should be one of the first things inside your carry-on when prepping for that next big official or formal trip. With all of that said, you just need to attend to one little detail; making sure that you know how to change time on Chromebook easily when you finally arrive at your destination.

Having properly identified the challenge, below is the most effective way of addressing it!

Manually Changing the Time and Date Setting on Your Chromebook Like a Pro

As we’ve established along the way to getting here, on the whole, your Chromebook is by itself capable of detecting and switching to different times as necessary. This is thanks in large part to the function of the “Set Time Automatically” setting. It identifies where you are, tracks that data, and uses it to call up the right time for you.

But, as we have also pointed out, in more than a few cases, you may be on a better, surer path when you make those changes by yourself. This is because there have been instances when the time automatically provided to you by your Chromebook might not be as accurate or as precise as you would prefer.

So, to make this adjustment by yourself, you just need to access the time and date function by accessing your Chromebook’s “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Date and Time” features in that precise order.

Here’s a more detailed guide that you can follow to get all of this done in less than 60 seconds.

Step One – Access the “Settings” App on Your Chromebook

As you are probably already aware, the time and date data that you want to configure is a settings feature. As such, it can only be accessed and edited through the “Settings” of the device. This function isn’t hidden in any way as you can readily get to it by making your way to your device’s launcher and finding the Settings app.

Alternatively, once you get to the launcher, you could opt to just use the search bar to call up this particular tool. Either approach works just well and will get you what you want without any stress.

Step Two – Access the “Advanced” Tool

Once you have made your way to the Settings app and subsequently launched the tool, the next item on your list of things to do here is to find, click and expand on the “Advanced” options feature.

For easier accessibility, please keep in mind that this particular tool can be easily found on the left pane of your device. Typically, it is usually the second to the last option on the list of items to be found there. Again, remember that, once you find this option, you’re to simply click on it to expand it.

Step Three – Find and Click on the “Date and Time” Function

Your task is nearing completion at this juncture. Because your Chromebook literally boasts a plethora of features and functions, you will be met with a fair bit of options when you click on the “Advanced” feature.

Again, you are to make use of your left pane to find the particular feature that you need to access at this time; “Date and Time”. You can make this exercise a little simpler for yourself, however. This can be easily done by leveraging the search bar evident at the top of your screen to look for what you need.

Step Four – Choose the “Time Zone” Option

Lastly, you simply need to select the “Time Zone” option. This will present you with a drop-down menu containing different time zones. Simply choose the aptest one for you and you’re essentially done!


Learning how to change time on Chromebook is quite literally as simple as we’ve highlighted above. The best part is that, by following these steps, the changes you made in your settings will automatically reflect on your home screen as well!

So, you won’t have to perform this exercise multiple times.

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