How to Screenshot on a Gateway Laptop

Updated on May 12, 2023
How To Screenshot On A Gateway Laptop

Do they have the same level of renown and clout that brands like HP and Dell do across the globe?

Many would argue that, no, they do not.

Do they experiment to the point of absurdity with the design and layout of their laptop and keyboard like other brands who shall not be named?

Again, they certainly don’t come close in that particular regard.

But all of that being said, Gateway laptops remain truly outstanding and remarkable devices in their own right. What’s more, thanks to the impressive level of consistency that these products have been able to display, the brand has managed to garner itself an increasing number of dedicated followers across the globe.

While the quality and reputation that this computer brand has built do more than enough to speak for it, there is still something that puzzles a lot of users of these devices; how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop.

Again, while knowing how to screenshot on a laptop might not be that much of a big deal, the fact remains that there are times when this feature can come in handy. This makes it imperative to have a working understanding of how to perform this exercise on your computer.

Thankfully, Gateway laptops come with various simple and interesting techniques that a user can leverage to take screenshots. We’ll be exploring some of the most common methods in detail now.

A Basic Introduction to the Gateway Laptop

For those who have had these types of devices for quite some time, an introduction may not really be necessary. However, if you just stumbled on this laptop brand, you may want to know a little more about it before you move on to learning how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop.

Gateway laptops are a United States of America-based laptop manufacturing company. Gateway is also one of the very few laptop companies out there that is known by two brand names. Their other brand name, which many would argue is considerably more popular, is Acer.

This company has been around since the 1990s and has only managed to go from strength to strength on every level. Today, the products of the brand have come into high demand in various parts of the globe.

How to Screenshot on a Gateway Laptop

Learning how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop isn’t something that users need to stress about in any way or manner. The fact that there are more than a dozen different ways that you can perform this activity alone should clue you in that you’re not facing anything particularly challenging here.

If you’ll have to manage any issue here, it’s choosing which of the many simple methods available you would like to use. With that said, we’ll now be taking a close look at some of the very best and easiest ways that you can take a screenshot on your Gateway device in 2023!

4 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Gateway Laptops in 2023

So, let’s get into learning how to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop quickly and comfortably now. Below are some of the best methods that experienced and beginner PC users alike will not have any problems at all executing.

To take a screenshot on your device, simply try any of the following methods.

Tactic 1 – Use the “Windows + PrintSrc” Approach

Learning how to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop is one thing. But what about what comes after, namely finding the image with ease? Well, you don’t have to worry about the first or the second issue because we’ve got you covered on both fronts!

All you have to do is follow the simple steps that we’ll be highlighting below:

Step One – Position Your Screen

In this regard, positioning your screen simply means making your way to the section of your screen that you want to take a screenshot of.

Step Two – Hit the “Windows + PrintSrc” Combo

When you’re on the page that you want to take a screenshot of, simply hit the “Windows + PrintSrc” button combo. Ensure that you do this at the same time so that the feature activates as intended.

Step Three – Find Your Screenshot

If you were able to hit the “Windows + PrintSrc” combo as intended, the screenshot will be taken immediately and promptly saved. All you have to do now to confirm that your action was successful is make your way to the “Pictures” folder and look for the “Screenshot” folder.

Once you find it, open it and you’ll be certain to find your newly taken screenshot there!

This is an incredibly convenient way of learning how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop. We highly recommend this tactic for those who don’t want to go through the bother of downloading a third-party app expressly for this purpose.

The one catch with this method of approach is that it only works on Gateway laptops that run Windows 10.

Tactic 2 – Use the Snipping Tool

As we said, Tactic 1 would’ve been perfect, save for the fact that it’s somewhat restricted to a particular Windows OS. That being said, all is far from lost and you don’t have to run a search query for third-party screenshot apps just yet.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because there’s a pre-installed tool on your Gateway laptop that you can still rely on to get the job done for you! We’re talking about the Windows Snipping tool.

What’s more, this tool is available on all Windows operating systems so you can rest assured that you’ve got it, too!

To use it, follow these steps:

Step One – Position Your Screen

Just like before, you have to make your way to the portion of your screen that you want to save.

Step Two – Find the Snipping Tool

When you’re at the location that you intend to screenshot, the next step becomes finding the Snipping tool. This can be easily done by pressing the “Windows” key and typing “Snipping Tool” into the search bar.

Step Three – Open the Tool

Once you get a result, click on it to open the application. There, you will be introduced to several customization options that you can apply to your screen. To save time, you can just select the “Mode” option to start with here.

Step Four – Click the “New” Option

Once you’re done configuring your settings in Step Four, look to the top left corner of your screen. You’ll find the “New” icon. Click on that and follow that up by clicking on the “+” icon.

Step Five – Drag

Now, you have to use your mouse button (left) in a drag gesture over the portion of the screen you want to save.

Step Six – Customize

The portion you highlighted with your mouse will be cropped out after which you can perform any customization activities that you would like on the image.

Step Seven – Save

When you’re done with your customization efforts, find and click on the “Save” icon and you’re done!

Tactic 3 – Use the Snip & Sketch Tool

For any number of reasons best known to you, you might not just fancy using the Snipping tool. In that case, there’s another pre-installed application that you can count on to save the day here. And that’s the Snip & Sketch tool!

Moving forward, please note that while it’s essentially like the Snipping tool, Snip & Sketch is more recent and advanced. This means that you’re not likely to find it on older Windows OS.

Here’s how to go about using this tool.

Step One – Open the Snip & Sketch App

This you can do by using the “Windows” key to access the search bar and run a search for “Snip & Sketch”. Once found, launch the tool.

Step Two – Choose Your Capture Option

Once you’ve accessed the tool, you will be presented with various options like full-screen capture and free form. Pick the capture style that best suits your needs.

Step Three – Take Your Screenshot

After selecting your preferred option use your mouse and trackpad to take the screenshot. A pop-up notification will appear after you’ve done this. Be sure to click on that.

Step Four – Edit and Save

You also have the option of editing your screenshot before you save it here. As such, you can add or remove any elements before you save it finally. And with that, you’re done.

Tactic 4 – Use a Third-Party App

For those who might want the ability to screenshot with a lot more functionality, a third-party app might be the only recourse. There are several great tools you can use here, not least of which are Lightshot, PickPick, and Greenshot.

Just check the reviews of these apps to see which has all the features you would like.

Final Word

With this, you now know all the basics when it comes to learning how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop. So, don’t let another memorable moment go by unsaved on your computer device!

Start taking the best screenshots today!

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