How to Charge Laptop with HDMI

Updated on July 31, 2023
How to Charge Laptop with HDMI

As the old saying goes, desperate things will most often require desperate measures. So, while you might not typically have any use for this particular tidbit of information on a normal day, you should know that there’s a pretty decent chance that you’ll be better served learning how to charge laptop with HDMI.

For certain, you can be sure we will go into greater detail on why you want to make this particular line of action your last approach, even when you do know all that there is to know about the process.

However, even with that, there’s still a pretty decent chance that just the very thought of having to carry out such an exercise might seem more than a little overwhelming for you. That being said, we have to stress that, no matter what the case may be, you have no reason to panic.

This is because we at Netbook News will never leave you in the deep end. That’s why, for one, we will be going into not only everything you need to know to charge your laptop with a HDMI cable but we will also be covering the relevant peripherals that you would do well to make yourself aware of as well with this exercise.

Having said all of that, let’s jump right in!

What Exactly is an HDMI Cable?

Before we look at the finer aspects of how to infuse your laptop with juice via this rather peculiar means, let’s take a quick look at what the HDMI cable is in the first place.

Also more formally known as the High-Definition Multimedia Interface, the HDMI is a special type of cable that is commonly used to do things like carry audio and visual signals from one source to the other. In most instances, it transmits the audio and video from the given source to a television, projector, or computer screen.

The use of this specific kind of cable has become increasingly common due to the clarity of the signals that it carries.

Is It Even Possible to Charge Your Laptop with an HDMI Cable?

From the mere definition of the device, it should be as clear as day that this resource was never designed or intended to be used to charge a laptop device. As such, that raises the very important question of whether it is even capable of performing such a feat in the first place.

For clarity, yes, even though it wasn’t originally intended to be used to charge any gadgets, it is in fact possible for you to use your HDMI to power your laptop. However, even in saying this, we must stress that it isn’t always the case that your HDMI cable will be charging your device directly. Sometimes, certain (usually pretty budget-friendly) peripherals are used to facilitate this process.

But in saying this again, it must be stressed that these devices were never built for such an exercise. As a result, a measure of care and caution has to be employed when you put them to these tasks.

Is Using an HDMI Cable to Charge Your Laptop Even Safe?

Of course, before you go on to learn a skill as esoteric as how to charge laptop with HDMI, it only makes sense to be absolutely sure that you’re not putting yourself in any danger at any point during the process, doesn’t it?

Moving straight to the answer, you should know that using an HDMI cable to charge your laptop will not put you, your laptop, or the source that you’re charging from (usually your TV set) at any real risk. The main reason for this is that the cord itself isn’t capable of transferring significant current.

Because of this, there is little real harm that it can do to you or your laptop.

So, yes, you can use HDMI to charge your laptop without having to worry about the risk of a blowout somewhere.

The Most Important Things to Keep in Mind before Attempting to Charge Your Laptop with an HDMI Cable

Due to the fact that this can be a pretty novel undertaking, it goes without saying that there are several elements that you would want to keep a pulse on when learning how to charge laptop with HDMI.

However, some of these things tend to be considerably more important than others.

Along these lines, we will be going over the most crucial nuggets of information to keep in mind before you go any further down the path of learning how to charge laptop with HDMI cable in 2023.

At the top of this list include:

One – This Method Doesn’t Work for All Laptops

Don’t be surprised to learn that you won’t be able to charge every laptop with this particular method of approach. The main reason for this is that not all of these gadgets are equipped with an HDMI IN port. And, when this specific port isn’t available, the laptop device won’t be able to receive power from the HDMI cable. The simplest way to find out if your laptop is one of the “lucky” few that comes with this capability is to check the user manual.

More specifically, you want to look at what it says in the “HDMI charging” or “Power Over HDMI” section.

Two – This Can Take Quite a While

As we have not been hesitant to point out throughout the course of this article, HDMI cables aren’t built to conduct power into your laptop. You can only jerry-rig this cable to do so. And, when you do, you simply have to expect a few tradeoffs, most of which aren’t on the positive side.

One such not-so-good tradeoff is the fact that it can take a seriously long time for you to charge your laptop this way. The power transfer that HDMI offers is typically pretty low so this fact shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone.

Three – USB-C Ports are the Way to Go

For those whose laptop devices come with a USB-C port, you can congratulate yourself because you’re in luck! This is because these modern laptops do quite a bit to make the process of learning how to charge with HDMI a much simpler and stress-free affair.

The Best Ways to Learn How to Charge Laptop with HDMI in 2023

Now that we have gone over the finer aspects of what you should know and expect when it comes to learning how to charge your laptop with an HDMI cable, let’s get into some of the coolest ways that you can get that done today!

These include:

Method One – By Using an HDMI to HDMI Cable

This is arguably the simplest and most efficient approach that you can take if you check and discover that your laptop features an HDMI – IN port. As we have stressed before, most laptop devices do not come with this capability so you shouldn’t automatically assume that yours has it.

But, if you’ve confirmed that your laptop has this function, you can get on with the process.

How to Use HDMI to HDMI to Charge Your Laptop

Using HDMI to HDMI to charge your laptop is as simple as connecting one end of that cable to the HDMI – IN port of your laptop (be sure you don’t make the mistake of connecting it to another port) while you connect the HDMI – OUT port to the source that you want to charge your laptop through. This can either be your television or a monitor.

Now, you only need to check the charging icon on your system tray to confirm that it says “Plugged In”.

At that point, you can rest assured that your device is getting juice and is charging.

Method Two – By Using an HDMI to USB Adaptor Device

Arguably one of the biggest merits of having a modern laptop, especially in this context is that it affords you the utilities of a USB-C port. Now, as owners of these types of devices would’ve already figured out, there are several benefits to having this ace in the hole. But now, you can also include the ability to help you to charge your laptop to that long list of pros.

How to Use HDMI to USB to Charge Your Laptop

Learning how to use HDMI to charge your laptop this way is fairly uncomplicated. The first and most important thing that you have to do along those lines is to have a good quality HDMI to USB-C adapter at hand.

Now, start by plugging the HDMI – IN to your USB-C adapter while you connect the OUT section of the HDMI cable to your preferred power source. Finally, connect the adapter to your laptop’s Type C port and check the system tray to confirm that your device is indeed charging.

And that’s a wrap!


Now, you know everything that you need to know when it comes to learning how to charge laptop with HDMI cable! So, if you ever find yourself in a bind and you need to power your device in a simple, safe, and efficient manner, you know just what to do!

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