How to Download Chrome on Steam Deck

Updated on May 5, 2023
How to Download Chrome on Steam Deck

As far as portable and high-end gaming consoles go, many would agree that Steam Deck has made its mark quite soundly and substantially. True, the argument can be presented that Steam Deck was released by Valve just a little over a year ago and so cannot be said to have stood the test of time already.

Of course, this position certainly holds a little merit. But even with that, there can be no doubt that in the short time since its arrival, this gaming console has made massive waves and appealed quite accurately to the pain points of many gamers all over the world.

But even with this, it must be pointed out that Valve’s Steam Deck isn’t the complete package just yet. For people who have had the opportunity to own and operate this amazing device, you would likely notice that this product is missing a couple of crucial things.

At the top of that list of items is a default browser. No matter which way you opt to slice this particular pie, this situation is far from ideal. The truth is that a device as good and as comprehensive as the Steam Deck should have a default browser of its own. But having said that, it also bears pointing out that, even if the Steam Deck had its own browser, chances are quite high that you would want to ditch that in favor of an app that you’re far more familiar and convenient with.

An example of one such browser is Chrome. Thankfully, Steam Deck does allow you to download these types of applications on it. The only thing left now is for you to know how to download Chrome on Steam Deck and get around to surfing the Internet with style on your favorite device!

Why Choose Chrome as Your Steam Deck Browser?

So, we likely don’t need to tell you that there are (at the very least) a dozen different browsers that you can download on your Steam Deck. With that established, you’re probably asking yourself right now; why should I download Chrome precisely? What makes this particular browser the best app for surfing the net on this gaming console? Would it even be worth your while at all?

Well, there are several great reasons why Chrome would be just the right addition to your list of Steam Deck apps. Some of the most important ones worth mentioning are:

Chrome Won’t Crash on Steam Deck

Perhaps the biggest reason you should be giving Chrome preferential treatment and selection over the other apps is the fact that Chrome is far less likely to bug out on you during use, as opposed to many of the other alternatives out there.

Thanks to the fact that Chrome enjoys an impressive multi-process architecture, the application is remarkably steady and far more secure for you to use. These are two things that are especially important on a relatively new platform like Steam Deck.

Chrome Works Very Fast on Steam Deck

We all know that the fact that you’re browsing out of your Steam Deck device doesn’t mean that you expect anything less in terms of performance from your console. What this means is that speed and efficiency of browsing matter just as much here as well.

And, at the moment, only a few apps offer you the level of speed and finesse that Chrome does on Steam Deck. This application even helps slow-loading platforms to load that much faster and more seamlessly, optimizing your browsing experience with minimal effort.

Chrome is Far Simpler to Use

One thing that a lot of Steam Deck users tend not to consider when choosing a browser for their device (until it’s too late) is the utility and user-friendliness of the application. This is especially important here because Steam Deck won’t offer you the same level of fluidity that your mobile device or personal computer typically would.

As such, any application that you’re planning to use to browse here needs to help you efficiently compensate for all of these lapses. In this regard, there is no disputing the fact that Chrome on Steam Deck shines. The app employs a simple and highly streamlined interface that makes everything significantly easier for users. For example, Chrome employs the use of Omnibox, an all-purpose search bar that makes surfing the Internet a breeze in every regard.

So, you now know many of the perks to be had from having this app on your console. Now, let’s get to the finer aspects of learning how to download Chrome on Steam Deck!

Steam Deck and Google Chrome in 2023 – Everything That You Need to Know

If you haven’t already noticed by now, we hold the Steam Deck in especially high regard. This is because a wide array of features just makes this Linux-based device stand out.

Some people would even go as far as saying that you simply just need to know how to download Chrome on Steam Deck. This is because the gaming console allows you to use resources like USB-C hubs and Steam Deck docks to attach the device to desktops and just go wild.

All of this is thanks in large part to the feature installed on this gaming console by Valve which allows you to download different great tools on your portable gaming console via the game mode.

With all of that said, here are a couple of simple, cool, and efficient approaches that you can take to get Chrome on your device easily.

How to Download Chrome on Steam Deck the Easy Way

While Valve might’ve not made a default browser readily available on the Steam Deck, they’ve arguably done the next best thing – they’ve made it remarkably simple and easy to download any browser of your choice on this Linux-based platform.

To get to downloading these types of applications on your device, one of the very first things that you have to do is make your way to the “Non-Steam” Game tab provided in the “Library” section. You are also allowed to perform this exercise without having to switch to the desktop mode that has been made available. This is all made possible through the Steam operating system.

To get started down that road, all you have to do is:

Step One – Select the “Library Option”

The first thing you have to do here is switch on your device, wait for it to boot, and then push the “Steam” button. Once that’s done, you’ll be presented with a number of options. Of these options, select “Library”.

Step Two – Make Your Way to the “Non-Steam” Tab

When you have chosen the “Library” option and have subsequently gained access to that space, you need to push the “R1” button. This will take you to the “Non-Steam” tab.

Step Three – Access the “Non-Steam Shortcuts”

Once inside the “Non-Steam” tab, you would be promptly shown the “Non-Steam Shortcuts” pop-up. This typically happens for Steam Deck users who haven’t as yet downloaded any apps on their devices. The pop-up will notify you that you have the opportunity to download and install non-Steam games. It’ll further add that you can install the Chrome application to test this particular function.

Step Four – Add Chrome

You just have to follow the instructions provided by the pop-up and click on the “Add Chrome” option. Then, wait for a few moments for the app to download, install, and be made fully available for you.

And with these four simple steps, you would have Google Chrome ready and available for you to use at will on your Steam Deck!

How to Download Chrome on Steam Deck With the Desktop Mode

For those who have already downloaded other non-Steam tools on their device, the above approach will not be viable. However, all hope is not lost.

All you have to do is simply switch your Steam Deck over to the Desktop Mode and look for and select the “Discover” icon. This you can find on the Taskbar of your device.

From there, hit the search bar and use the key combo “Steam + X” to call up the on-screen keyboard. Run a search for Chrome and click on the result once that has been made available.

At this point, you’re almost done.

You only need to open this gaming console in desktop mode and make your way to the “plus” sign located at the left bottom of your screen. This is the “Add a Non-Steam Shortcut” function. Once you’ve opened it, you just have to look for the shortcut for your newly downloaded Google Chrome and add that.

And with that, you would be able to access all the benefits that the Chrome browser has to offer on your Steam Deck at will!

Keep in mind that, regardless of which approach you opt to follow, you’ll be completing the process completely cost-free!


Now that you know how to download Chrome on Steam Deck, what are you waiting for? Get to adding this all-important tool to your list of apps and get even more out of your gaming console without stress!

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