How to Connect JBL Headphones to MacBook

Updated on March 16, 2023
How To Connect JBL Headphones To MacBook

It’s now an open secret that JBL has honed the fine art of making the best sounds down to a science. As such, it’s only natural that everyone wants a JBL product now. But while all of that is certainly a good thing, it bears pointing out that users must know how to connect JBL headphones to MacBook before making a purchase.

After all, the last thing that anyone wants is to have a great pair of headphones and some beautiful music to listen to on their Mac device but no sure means of connecting one to the other.

Thankfully, you’re not likely to experience that challenge here.

To start with, every JBL headphone comes with a clear guide that you can trust to walk you through the process of connecting the device to an output source. However, we’re going to build on that even further here by laying out everything you need to know to make pairing your JBL headphones to your MacBook a breeze.


How to Connect JBL Headphones to MacBook Without Stress

There are different aspects that users have to pay special attention to when it comes to learning how to connect JBL headphones to MacBook with ease. Each of these aspects is crucial in its own right because it helps ensure that you get an overall enjoyable experience with the device from start to finish.

With this in mind, we’ll be exploring some of the more key scenarios and instances of connecting JBL headphones to a Mac device that the average user is likely to encounter. We’ll also be discussing the easiest and most efficient steps to managing these phases for you.

Scenario #1 – Connecting Your JBL Headphones to Your MacBook for the First Time

Naturally, there’ll be a first time connecting your JBL headphones to your laptop device. Now, this is arguably one of the most challenging scenarios that you’re likely to have to deal with because subsequent connections are generally easier to perform.

With this in mind, here are the things to keep in mind when you’re getting ready to connect your Mac device to your JBL headphones.

How to Pair Your JBL headphones and Mac Device for the First Time

The first and most important thing to ensure is that your JBL headphones are carrying a full charge. With this guaranteed, you can proceed to switch on the headphones. Now, since the JBL headphones haven’t been connected before, they’ll automatically enter pairing mode.

Now, you’ll have to leave the headphones for a couple of moments and focus on your MacBook. Make sure that you have properly enabled the Bluetooth settings on the device and configured it to be visible to all nearby devices.

Next, you let it scan for a while. During this time, it will most likely pick up the Bluetooth signal of the JBL headphones as well as that of any other Bluetooth devices in proximity to it. You just need to single out the signal of your JBL device, click on it and you’re done!

From this point on, you’ll be able to do everything from taking part in meetings to listening to audiobooks and music through your headphones!

Scenario #2 – Connecting Your JBL Headphones to Your Mac Device Manually

There can be no contesting the fact that the JBL brand boasts leading tech and innovation in all its products. But even after having fully established this, you should know that there may be instances where you’ll have to dispense with much of that tech to pair your device. In these cases. You simply need to know how to connect your JBL headphones to your MacBook manually.

Top Reasons You May Have to Connect Your JBL Headphones Manually

Some of the biggest reasons why you might have no choice but to resort to pairing manually are if you were to suddenly lose your pairing connection or get disconnected unexpectedly. You may also have to go down that route if you were having trouble connecting in the first place, for whatever reason.

Finally, knowing how to pair manually would really come in handy if you had your JBL headphones currently connected to another device but now want to switch it over to your MacBook.

In any event, you have nothing to worry about as pairing JBL headphones manually isn’t in any way a difficult task.

How to Connect Your MacBook to JBL Headphones Manually

Just like before, you need to make sure that your JBL headphones are carrying a full charge. With that done, switch on the device and locate its Bluetooth button. In most cases, this is situated on the right earcup of the device. Once you’ve found it, press down on it for about 5-6 seconds.

During this time, its LED light would’ve started flashing blue rapidly. Now, make your way to your Mac device, search for the signal of the headphones, connect to it and you’re golden!

Scenario #3 – Using JBL Headphones Multipoint Sharing Functionality

If you’re spotting a newer model JBL headphone device, then there is a high chance that it’s equipped with multipoint pairing functionality. For the uninitiated, multipoint functionality is a feature that allows your headphones to connect to two sources (or more) at once!

What’s more, this interesting innovation also comes with an amusing way of determining which sounds you hear.

For example, if you’re connected to two devices and audio is coming from one but not the other, your JBL headphones will prioritize the source with audio. Now, should you pause that audio and something new starts playing on the other device, the JBL headphones will switch to that automatically.

Now, should a call come in on either of these devices, the headphones will prioritize that most of all and pull it through immediately.

How to Set Up JBL Multipoint Sharing on Two Devices

Once you’ve ensured your headphones have a full charge, you just need to follow the manual pairing process highlighted in Scenario #2. The only difference will just be that instead of connecting to your headphones on one device, you’ll perform the pairing process on two devices now.

Final Word

Learning how to connect your JBL headphones to MacBook doesn’t have to be stressful. And now, you know how to do all of that and more without breaking a sweat.

However, considering just how much JBL headphones have to offer, it’s more than possible that we didn’t cover everything about pairing them to your Mac device in this article.

If that’s the case for you, don’t worry!

Simply leave us your question(s) in the comments section below and we’ll get on it promptly!

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