How Much Ram Do I Need For GTA 5

Updated on June 17, 2023
how much ram do i need for gTA 5

Here’s a quick question for all the hardcore gamers out there; can you name 5 action-adventure games of all time without mentioning the Grand Theft Auto franchise?

We stand to be corrected but we’re pretty sure that that’s almost impossible to do! With several installments to its name, Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, as it is more popularly known is a hit on every level.

More specifically, pieces like Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) especially go a profoundly long way in cementing the position of this franchise as one of the best that the gaming world has ever seen. This is why it’s completely understandable that more and more players would want to get a taste of this pastime.

With this game becoming so popular, it is only to be expected that you would want to know some of the requirements for playing this amazing game. And, while there will be a lot of boxes that you would have to tick while doing so, arguably the most important of these is the size of the random access memory of your device.

All of this raises the very important question of just how much RAM do I need for GTA 5 today.

With several new and interesting features being added to this game on an almost regular basis, the sooner you can arrange the specifics of this particular affair, the sooner you can get started enjoying your gaming sessions!

A Little About the Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the seventh entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And, as of the moment of writing, this particular game has sold nearly 300 million units across the globe.

Now, while GTA 5 might have been released as far back as 2013, this doesn’t by any means imply that the game is outdated at this time. On the contrary, it still gets a steady stream of support and the game developers behind it aren’t hesitant to retrofit it with the best and latest in technology.

As a result, it comes as very little surprise that the game continues to appeal to a fresh and different audience consistently. This is perhaps why the game still holds the spot of the highest-selling game in the franchise even after such a considerable amount of time has passed.

Also considered one of the all-time biggest hits of Rockstar Games, GTA 5 grossed nearly a billion dollars in the first few weeks of its release alone. In saying that, it’s also worth pointing out that this game has a major selling point: its amazing graphics.

The visual quality of this game is exemplary, to say the least. And while the crazy graphics of this game is certainly a pleasurable thing, they can be a pain, especially if you don’t know just what to expect from the software on your device.

Along these lines, one of the best places that you can start is to find the answer to the question, how much RAM do I need for GTA 5.

When you know what is expected from you along these lines, you will be able to more succinctly determine just if you will be able to enjoy this game on your current gadget. For you to get the best idea of what’s happening along these lines, you need to have a keen understanding of just what your random access memory is.

Random Access Memory – What You Need to Know

Random access memory, or RAM, for short is the term that’s used to refer to a certain type of data storage system on any computer device. As you would expect, your RAM is a highly crucial component in any computer device. One reason for this is that your computer’s RAM is the location where both your operating system application software as well as the vast majority of its data is stored.

This makes it considerably easier for your device’s central processing unit (CPU) to get all of that data as quickly as possible. Typically, the better and higher the quality of your RAM is, the smoother and easier it’ll be for you to run apps and programs on your computer.

Using a 4 GB RAM For GTA 5 – What to Expect

Did you know that, for the most part, computers with 4 GB RAM are some of the most populous on the market today?

What’s more, there’s even a pretty decent chance that your device is a 4 GB RAM one! As such, it’s only natural that you would want to know what would happen if you used a device with only 4 GB of RAM to run a game like GTA 5.

Well, there’s some good news and bad news for you on that front.

The good news is that it is in fact possible for you to play GTA 5 with a 4 GB RAM computer. However, be prepared to have your gameplay experience significantly downgraded. As a matter of fact, depending on the type of device that you use, your gameplay might be so bad that you would have to just give up on the attempt.

What’s more, you should know that doing this puts your device at real risk. The heavy burden that GTA 5 can place on your device has the real potential of damaging it seriously. On many levels, this makes complete sense, if you think about it.

All you have to do to get what we mean along these lines is to consider the fact that, in recent times, even pretty average games tend to run better only when they are on 4 GB or higher RAM devices.

What we’re trying to communicate in essence is that you might very well be better served not going near GTA 5 if you’re running a 4 GB RAM or lower computer system.

How Much RAM Do I Need For GTA 5?

So now, you might be thinking that we have extensively gone over the finer details of what RAM size you cannot run Grand Theft Auto 5 on. However, this doesn’t concisely answer the question of how much RAM do I need for GTA 5.

Getting to that, the answer is fairly simple.

For gamers who want to ensure that they get the absolute best of whatever GTA 5 has to offer, the simple fact remains that you would need a minimum of 16 GB RAM.

Is this RAM size a little on the high side?

That’s most certainly true.

But even with that said, you should know that this is the only real way that you can hope to get the awesome gaming experience that GTA is so well touted for. That said, we will grant you that getting a 16 GB RAM device isn’t going to be a walk in the park, even on the best of days.

Which is why we looked into it at length and have been able to confirm that you should be able to achieve a fairly decent level of result if you employed 8 GB RAM for the task at hand as well.

That being said, there are a few things of note that you might want to consider if you will be using an 8 GB RAM computer device for this task. Chief of which is the fact that you will only be able to run GTA 5 alone in this instance. This is because, were you to put another heavy application on the device during that time, it would be certain to severely compromise your gameplay.

So, for obvious reasons, you need to run only one heavy program at a time in this type of setup.

GTA 5 and Low RAM – Why You Shouldn’t Risk It

Now, there can be no doubt that much has been said about the type and quality of RAM that you need to get the job done here. But even with this, it is still quite crucial to emphasize the importance of ensuring that you only use a well-sized RAM for this exercise.

So, why is it so crucial that you studiously avoid using a low RAM here?

The biggest reason that you have to be sure not to take a risk like this is that it would be near impossible for your device to process the loads of data and information that smoothly running GTA 5 would demand. In saying this, we perfectly understand that there are in fact several games that you can get away with not using the required RAM size to play.

Sadly, you simply have to keep in mind that GTA 5 doesn’t fall in this category due to the sheer level of quality that has been compressed into the game. This means that, if you can avoid it, you need to ensure that you don’t use a low RAM device to run this game.


Again, how much RAM do I need for GTA 5? We would strongly suggest you use a 16 GB RAM device. However, where that isn’t readily available, you might be able to get by with 8 GB RAM. This will ensure that you can capture this game in all its glory.

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