How to Screen Record on HP Laptop

Updated on July 15, 2023
how to screen record on hp laptop

We are in the digital age now. So, on many levels, it is only to be expected that we would be more heavily reliant on tools like laptops and desktop computers now than we have ever been before. And, as is only natural, there are several functions and utilities that come with these particular gadgets that can be of immense use to us.

The ability to be able to easily and fluidly leverage these resources, therefore, becomes essential if we want to have any hope of getting the very best out of these devices. One of the most important features that most PC owners would do well to take note of at this point in time is the screen record function.

Whether you want to save a video, audio, or highlight the finer aspects of a particular program or project, there is no doubt that this feature can be of incredible importance to you. Having established that it must be stressed that there are any number of interesting ways that you can take screen records on computers.

So, in this post, we will be taking a much closer look at the exact details of how to screen record on HP laptop specifically. While this focus might be indeed too narrow for some, it must be emphasized that taking the time to learn how to perform this particular function on your HP laptop will do quite a bit to enhance your utility as well as versatility with this particular resource.

Without further ado, here is all that HP laptop users need to understand if they are to become more efficient when it comes to properly screen recording on their devices.

Why You Might Want to Prioritize Learning How to Screen Record on HP Laptop This Year

Now, we have to be quite clear on one point; if you are a professional who wants to continue to stay relevant and in high demand in this day and age, you’re almost certain to have a mile-long list of new skills and competencies that you would want to pick up.

If that happens to be the case, one question that you would likely be struggling with at this point is why you would ever want to do something like adding learning how to screen record on HP laptop to that list.

Well, several immediate as well as long-term dividends can be enjoyed from adding this ability to your repertoire of skills. To start with, for those who can completely master all that there is to screen recording on their HP laptop, you’ll find that it will be easier for you to quickly save virtually any type of content for your future reference.

In addition to this, you may also discover that you won’t have any problem at all when it comes to saving those important video calls and conferences that you so very often have. In the same stretch, for those who are tutors, instructors, or supervisors, the capabilities and functionalities that screen recording puts at your disposal essentially make it such that you will have a considerably easier time breaking down problems and explaining solutions to your target audience.

Also, being able to make your way around the screen recording function of your HP laptop means that you will be able to do things like create an extensive range of content with almost minimal effort.

In the same vein, performing exercises like offering technical assistance as well as creating explanatory and detailed guides on how to perform various exercises will be a breeze for you.

Finally, for the hardcore gamer, you will be able to leverage this particular tool to record and even share some of the most exciting aspects of your gameplay experience with the world!

As you are likely beginning to see, the list of the merits of learning how to screen record on HP laptop just seems to go on and on! This means that you are indeed truly best served learning all that there is to this particular feature.

The good news is that there are several simple yet highly efficient ways that you can set about accomplishing this particular task.

We’ll be looking at a couple of these subsequently.

The Best Ways to Learn How to Screen Record on HP Laptop

As we have said, there are numerous ways that you can go about accomplishing this task on your HP device. However, we have made a point of finding and highlighting the best and most convenient approaches that you can take to get this done.

Along those lines, some of the best approaches to take include:

Method 1 – Using the Native Windows Process

The chances are pretty high that your HP laptop is spotting a Windows operating system. Now, should that be the case, you have the option of simply relying on the in-built screen recording function of the OS to get the job done for you.

Using the Native Windows Screen Recording Function

More officially known as the Xbox Game Bar, perhaps the biggest perk of using this tool is that you do not need to introduce any third-party app onto your device. In addition to this, you would not need to jump through several hoops to get things done either.

The biggest step that you have to take on the whole is activating the Game Bar tool. To do this, there are several approaches that you can take.

For one, you could simply use the search bar to find the tool by searching the keywords “Game Bar”. Alternatively, you could opt to make your way to the “Settings” of your HP laptop. Once you’re there, find the “Gaming” option and click on that. Then, follow that up by finding and clicking “Xbox Game Bar” and then click on “Enable Xbox Game Bar”.

After you must have completed the above action, you can start the screen recording process on your HP laptop by simply hitting the “Record” button. In the same vein, you can stop the recording process by pressing the “Window + Alt” key combo.

Method 2 – Using the Loom Tool

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows what Loom is today, and for good reason, too! Arguably one of the best screen recording resources out there, this tool has done quite a lot to extensively streamline the entire screen recording process.

Using the Loom Tool to Screen Record

Available as both an application and a free browser extension, you can leverage Loom on your HP laptop to do great things! There are several important reasons why you might want to consider what this particular tool has to offer.

To start with, you can access many of the features that it has to offer at zero cost! Add to this the fact that it also grants you limitless screen recording time on your HP laptop, convenient voice-over options, and some truly fantastic video editing capabilities as well.

Loom further complements all of this by ensuring that you can securely share all that you have captured from either your social media handles or even your email. Of course, just for good measure, the links to these videos never expire too!

For those who would like to get to screen recording on their HP laptop as quickly as possible, you might want to check Loom out now!

Method 3 – Using the Camtasia Tool

Loom seems pretty perfect on all fronts which is why you might be surprised to see yet another third-party application featured on here. Well, while we would certainly never contest the numerous perks of using Loom, there remains the fact that it doesn’t always produce professional-grade video quality.

Now, this variable will naturally mean more to some people than it does to others. For those people who place a heavy emphasis on the quality of the screen record of their HP laptop, you have to consider an alternative and this is where Camtasia comes into the picture.

What to Know About Using Camtasia

The first thing that prospective users of this tool need to take cognizance of is the fact that it is not a free tool. So, yes, you would be required to cough up a couple of bucks if you’re that interested in significantly upping the quality of your screen-recorded videos. Beyond this minor drawback, you will find that learning how to screen record on HP laptop with this tool is no trouble at all.

The biggest thing you have to attend to on that front is downloading the installer file from the official platform of the tool. With that in place, you only need to follow the prompts and the tool will be successfully installed on your laptop.

From there, you are sure to be surprised at how incredibly user-intuitive it is as you will have no problems at all finding your way around the tool.

Final Word

Learning the ropes when it comes to how to screen record on HP laptop isn’t a problem at all. Arguably, the most important thing that you need to see to on that front is identifying the best approach for you and going for that,

Now that you know a thing or two on that topic, you can get to screen recording with ease now!

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