Why Isn’t Disney Plus Working on My Mac?

Updated on January 25, 2023
Why Isnt Disney Plus Working on My Mac

While still relatively new, Disney Plus has managed to become the streaming service for the old and the young all over the world. The considerable archives and libraries of movies and TV shows it boasts mean that virtually everyone is guaranteed to find something that suits their tastes perfectly.

So, naturally, you’d want this new and amazing streaming service on your Mac device. However, despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to get Disney Plus to work on your computer.

What could be wrong?

Are you not setting it up correctly?

How do you fix this problem permanently?

We’ll be discussing all of that and more right here!

So, be sure to keep reading till the end!

Why Isn’t Disney Plus Working on my Mac – Your Complete Walkthrough

It may surprise you to find out that there are indeed several reasons why this streaming service might not work properly or even at all on your Mac device, and most of these have nothing to do with what you did or didn’t do.

We’ll be rolling out a list of possible causes of the Disney Plus streaming platform failing to work on your device now.

Problem #1 – Your Mac Device is an Older Model

In most cases, there’s usually a pretty good chance that the reason you can’t get Disney Plus to play on your device is that it’s an older model and as such can’t handle the sophistication of the modern and more advanced streaming channel.

It’s certainly true that the more advances are made in technology, the harder it’ll be for most older units to keep up with these developments. However, this fact is even more true with Mac products as they seem considerably less equipped to handle these changes, especially when compared to their counterparts.

So, if you find that you can’t access Disney Plus properly, one of the first things that you should do is check the recency of your device model.

Problem #2 – You’re Accessing Buggy Disney Plus Features

If Disney Plus is working on your Mac but you seem to have trouble accessing certain features, it might be because those functions aren’t as good as they ought to be yet. It bears pointing out that this isn’t an issue that’s reserved to just Disney Plus.

For example, one user on the Internet famously complained about having to spend nearly three hours navigating the Disney World website on their MacBook Air before they were able to complete one simple online purchase.

As such, it is possible that bugs and glitches on the Disney side of things can impede the quality and value you get when you try to use the streaming platform.

Problem #3 – You Have a Slow Internet Connection

It’s certainly true that the cost of Internet services is constantly on the rise. This is why, if you mostly do things like open a few web pages and download light files, you mightn’t see the need to invest in a more heavy-duty broadband connection product.

That being said, you can expect that decision to considerably affect your Disney Plus streaming experience.

If you’re wondering why exactly that is, here are some facts to consider:

  • To get 1080p or HD quality video streaming on Disney Plus, you need a recommended minimum Internet speed of 5.0 Mbps;
  • To get 4K or Ultra HD quality video streaming on Disney Plus, you need a recommended minimum Internet speed of 25 Mbps.

Now, if your Internet capabilities can’t give you these figures (at the minimum), your Mac won’t be able to properly process the tons of data coming at it. By extension, the quality of your streaming experience will likely suffer considerably.

Problem #4 – You’re Using a Very Aggressive Ad Blocker

In an age where unsolicited advertisements are always waiting around the corner of virtually every Internet content, a good ad blocker can be an invaluable tool. The same thing can be said for disabling pop-ups on your Mac device.

Both these measures help you considerably control the kind of unprompted content you get. However, more often than not, these tactics can be so aggressive that they effectively limit your ability to stream efficiently.

And, as you would expect, this will negatively affect how you get Disney Plus on your Mac. Of course, the solution to this challenge is literally as simple as disabling your ad blocker and enabling pop-ups when you want to use this streaming service. So, you don’t have to worry about much in this department.

Problem #5 – You’re Using a VPN

A Virtual Private Network can be great when using streaming channels because they can let you easily view libraries and archives that typically wouldn’t be available to your region.

However, due to the fact that these devices are designed to reroute and then encrypt your Internet connection, they can decrease your data transfer speed significantly. The ultimate result of which is that you may not be able to view Disney Plus as well as you should on your Mac.

Disney Plus Not Working on Mac – How to Fix the Problem

If you’re experiencing trouble accessing one of the best streaming services in the world at the moment, you don’t have to panic. Here are some fixes you can implement to solve the problem.

These measures include:

Ensure that your Mac computer has been updated to the latest macOS software available;

  • Confirm that you have a broadband service that can cater to the specific demands of this streaming platform;
  • Check to see if the Disney Plus platform itself isn’t experiencing any technical difficulties at the moment;
  • Ensure that you’ve turned off ad blockers and enabled pop-ups;
  • Consider disabling your VPN;
  • Get in touch with the Disney Plus customer support team and let them know what’s wrong.

If all of the above measures prove ineffective, consider upgrading your Mac device to a later model.


Not being able to have a nice time streaming Disney Plus can be frustrating. However, you should be able to manage this problem conveniently by identifying the possible reasons for this issue and addressing them as directed.

Thanks for reading!

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