How to do Pi Symbol on Mac

Updated on March 16, 2023

Even though it isn’t Pi day (March 14, for the uninitiated), it’s still important that we learn a thing or two about this amazing symbol. Now, while the Pi symbol is remarkably popular and even has several cool puns about it, you may be interested to know that only a handful of people actually know how to type it on a computer, more so on a Mac device.

So here, we’ll be looking at the various fun and interesting aspects of this mathematical symbol, from what it is to how to create it on Mac. We’ll even be going over some amazing facts about it.

Hold on to your hats as we dive right in!

What is the Pi Symbol – Understanding the Basics

The Pi symbol can simply be regarded as the sign used to represent the mathematical ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of that circle. The Pi Symbol is known to be equivalent to twenty-two sevenths or, more popularly, 3.1459.

As you’re likely already aware, the Pi sign is a special symbol that is loosely based on a Greek alphabet. This Greek alphabet is in turn said to be based on the Phoenician letter Pe. As a direct consequence, the Pi symbol isn’t a standard sign or character found on any Mac device’s keyboard.

This is one major reason why many people find it especially challenging to do the Pi symbol on their computer.

However, you should know that while you’re certain to not find the Pi character on any Mac keyboard, Apple gives you the “Option” key. With this resource, you’ll find inserting this all-important mathematical symbol into your typed text with greater ease and dexterity.

But, of course, for you to be able to do this efficiently, you first have to know how to make judicious use of this resource.

Keep reading to see how to write Pi on your computer like a pro!

How to Write Pi on Your Mac Computer

Here’s a simple and direct 3-step guide you can follow to create the Pi symbol on any Mac device with ease.

Step One – Press the “Option” Button

The first thing you need to do is locate and hold down the “Option” key on your Mac keyboard. In most models of Mac devices, the “Option” key can be easily found both on the left and the right side of the space bar.

Which “Option” key you press doesn’t really matter.

Step Two – Press the “P” Button

While still holding down the “Option” Key, press and hold down the letter “P” key as well.

Step Three – Release

Finally, make sure that you release the pressure on both keys at the same time. If done properly, the Pi symbol will immediately appear in any application or document you’re working on at that time.

And you’re all set like that!

Now that the Pi character has appeared, if you don’t want to hold down the Option + P key repeatedly, you can simply copy the symbol and then paste it wherever the need for it to appear in your document or app arises again.

Awesome Facts About Pi You May Not Know

As promised, here are some fun and surprising facts that you may not know about this symbol. These include:

  1. This mathematical symbol was first used by renowned Welsh mathematician William Jones in 1706. This means that the character has now been in use for more than 300 years!
  2. The value of Pi has been known to extend to more than 60 trillion decimal places. This essentially means that the exact value of this symbol may never be completely calculated.
  3. March 14 is popularly celebrated as Pi Day because it can be written as 3.14. These are the first three digits of the character.
  4. Rajveer Meena of the VIT University, Vellore, India holds the world record for reciting the most number of decimal places to this never-ending number. Over the span of 10 hours, he recited Pi to 70, 000 decimal places! And, he did it all blindfolded!
  5. This mathematical character also has a place in Egyptian mythology. There is speculation that the Pyramids of Giza, one of the great wonders of the world, were built on the principles of this infinitely long number.
  6. Renowned physicist Larry Shaw is popularly known as the Prince of Pi in the San Francisco Exploratorium science museum.
  7. Before Pi became known as “Pi,” it was commonly called “the quantity which when the diameter is multiplied by it, yields the circumference.” However, that name faded out of existence because it was too long and because William Jones, the Welsh mathematician came up with something more convenient.
  8. Even though it remains hugely popular, the usefulness of Pi is something that remains a subject of debate to date. The argument is that Tau (which is 2π) is a considerably better alternative for all circle calculations.
  9. Pi remains one of the best stress tests for computers. This is because it essentially functions like a digital cardiogram, helping observers estimate the level of activity of the processor of the machine.
  10. There’s a men’s cologne named “Pi”. A product of the world-class fashion house, Givenchy, this product is marketed as being capable of making visionary and intelligent men more attractive.
  11. The number sequence “12345” doesn’t feature anywhere in the first million digits of this mathematical character. In a way, this makes 12345 one of the most unique numbers in the world.
  12. The Dutch-German mathematician Ludolph van Ceulen spent most of his life calculating the first 36 digits of Pi in the 16th century.

Bottom Line

Now, you not only know how to create Pi on your Mac computer but you also know some amazing facts about the mathematical character you can use to show off when you’re with friends!

To learn more interesting ways to bring the very best out of your everyday tech, be sure to check back for more content.

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