How to Clean RAM Stick

Updated on June 24, 2023
How to Clean RAM Stick

On any device that makes use of the resource, the condition of the Random Access Memory of the unit is of the utmost importance. More commonly known by its acronym, RAM, this resource has a very prominent effect on how any given computer device operates.

What all of this translates to mean is that, even if your computer device is in prime condition, if the RAM isn’t functioning as it should, then the computer will be a bit laggy. To that end, one of the best things that you can do is to make sure that your RAM stick is as clean as it can possibly be.

On the whole, it might seem that this variable mightn’t have as prominent an effect on the condition of your device. However, ensuring that the RAM stick, as well as the RAM slot, is clean can go a very long way in making sure that your laptop or computer device continues to function at optimal condition.

All of this is why it is always vital that computer users learn everything that there is to know about how to clean RAM stick. Before we go forward, please know that the process of properly cleaning your RAM stick can be a somewhat long and complicated affair. We’ve taken strides to compress all of that complex information into a much simpler format so that interested computer and laptop users won’t have as much trouble following what we will be doing.

Cleaning RAM Stick – Why This Process is Very Important

There is a particular reason why most professionals will tell you that it is absolutely essential that you give your RAM the best care and maintenance. This is because this component is a highly critical resource in your computer.

As a result of this simple fact, it becomes highly imperative that you know that, when your RAM isn’t in a clean condition, things can go very wrong with your computer device. In light of this, we’ll be going over the most likely problems to expect when you don’t maintain your RAM as it should be.

Some common problems that are likely to ensue are:

It Can Result in a “Blue Screen”

When your RAM isn’t as clean as it should be, there will be problems when it comes to how well this particular component sits in its slot. Several things can ensue as a result of this, one of which is the fact that your computer might become incapable of registering the presence of your Random Access Memory stick.

When this happens, your computer has been configured to treat that particular situation like your device doesn’t have a RAM to begin with. The result of this is that your computer screen will likely go blank when you try to power it on and will show you a blue screen instead.

Seeing such a sight can be especially upsetting if you have something important to do on your device at that time. So, knowing how to clean RAM stick can be a very good way of making sure that this doesn’t happen at any point.

It Impairs the Performance of Your Computer Device

Yet another clear sign that your RAM might be long overdue for cleaning is if you note that your computer system is starting to lag at points that it normally wouldn’t. This is because it’s possible for the dirt on the face of the RAM stick to interfere with its normal operations, causing glitches and lags in the process.

It Can Cause System Crashes

Most people don’t know that having dirty RAM can often inadvertently lead to the crashing of their computer system. The chances of incidents like these happening increases exponentially if you use your computer device to run especially heavy apps and programs for long periods at a stretch.

Properly cleaning your RAM at regular intervals can go a very long way in making sure that such incidents do not occur while you use your laptop.

It Can Corrupt the Files on Your Computer System

Yet another potential problem that you can come to expect when you have dirty RAM on your hands is the real risk of having the files that are saved on your laptop or desktop computer corrupted.

A dirty RAM often presents highly unanticipated problems.

This is mainly because your RAM plays a key role in accessing your files. Consequently, if it isn’t in prime condition, it can lead to corrupting many (if not all) of the files stored on your computer device. When you know how to clean RAM stick, this won’t pose any issues.

More importantly, it will go a long way in making sure that you don’t lose your files.

It Could Stop Your Video Card From Loading

When a typical computer boots, you will typically hear a loud and distinct beep. This is the evidence that you need that your computer system has duly recognized the media and video components of the device.

However, when your RAM stick is dirty, one thing that you can expect to happen is that your system’s booting process might become impaired. A simple and thorough cleaning process will ensure that this problem gets in your rearview.

How to Clean RAM Stick – The Complete Walkthrough

Now that you understand just how important it is that you know how to clean RAM stick, you need to move on to learning how to master this process with ease. Before you get into this process though, there are a couple of things that you have to check off your list. We’ll be going into everything that you need to know on that front now.

What to Do Before You Start Cleaning Your Random Access Memory Stick

Before you can get started cleaning your computer’s RAM stick, there are a couple of crucial steps that you have to take first. These include:

  • Ensure that you shut down your computer completely;
  • Unplug the power adaptor of the device from the power outlet;
  • Pry out the battery pack of the device;
  • Find the RAM stick;
  • Disengage the RAM stick from its slot.
  • Once you’ve done the above, let’s get into the thick of things.

Cleaning Your RAM Stick – How to Get it Done

When it comes to cleaning your RAM stick, please understand that you can’t afford to skip steps. Although your RAM stick is actually a pretty sturdy device, the fact still remains that you have to handle it with care.

So, be sure to keep this in mind while you start this process.

If you want to get your RAM stick clean, the first thing that you have to do is shut down your computer device completely. On average, once you initiate the shutdown process, this should take no more than 30 to 35 seconds, at the most.

No matter what, DO NOT make the mistake of trying to remove the RAM of your device while it is still active. Doing so can effectively crash your system.

In the same vein, be sure that you do not leave the power adaptor of your computer device connected to a power outlet at any point in this process. If you do and make the mistake of plugging in your device at any point, you could seriously damage your computer device.

Along these lines, be sure to remove the battery pack of the device as well. In cases where the battery is not detachable, please note that you would have to unscrew your laptop device to access this particular unit.

The next thing becomes finding the focus of your attention – the RAM stick. Now, depending on the type of computer device you’re using, you might be able to access the RAM stick directly from the side of the device. However, more often than not, you may need to unscrew the device before you can reach this particular resource.

Where you have the latter scenario on your hands, please note that you would need to unscrew your laptop before you’ll be able to clean the unit.

Cleaning the RAM Stick Proper

When you finally have the RAM stick in your hands, your main focus here will be to ensure that the gold-plated connectors are sparkling clean. This you can achieve by dabbing some isopropyl on a cotton ball or lint cloth and applying it to this area.

While doing this, be sure that your touch is gentle yet firm. In addition to that, make sure that you cover every inch of the gold-plated connector. Missing a spot can defeat your hard work.

Lastly, ensure that you blow thoroughly on the RAM slot before placing the RAM module back in it. And with that, your RAM stick will be as good as new!

Bottom Line

With this knowledge of how to clean your RAM stick, you won’t have any difficulty keeping your computer in prime condition! The only thing you have to do in addition here is ensuring that you perform this exercise often enough.

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