How Do I Get my Chromebook Screen Back to Normal

Updated on April 15, 2023
How Do I Get my Chromebook Screen Back to Normal

It’s weird. But sometimes, even though you mightn’t be able to definitively put your finger on it, you just get the impression that your Chromebook’s screen isn’t looking the way it should. It could be the color that feels different to you or maybe even the font or the text size. No matter what the problem is, we’re betting you probably just want to get the screen of your device back to the way it was. So, right now, you’re most likely asking, how do I get my Chromebook screen back to normal?

If you’re worried that all isn’t as it should be with your beautiful Chromebook, you don’t need to start panicking just yet. This is because there are tons of quick fixes that you can efficiently employ that will make the problem, no matter what it is, a thing of the past.

Without further ado, let’s go over some of the best ways to get the screen of your Chromebook looking as good as new now!

How Do I Get my Chromebook Screen Back to Normal – The Complete Guide

Getting your Chromebook screen back to the way it was isn’t anywhere as stressful or as demanding as you might think. Depending on what caused the change as well as the nature of the change itself, you can have things back to normal and be well on your way in a couple of minutes, at the most!

So, to answer the question, how do I get my Chromebook screen back to normal, here are some surefire measures that you can adopt.

These include:

Method #1 – Turn Up the Brightness Level of Your Chromebook’s Screen

As strange as it might be to hear, you’re very likely to be surprised at how a seemingly simple and harmless change in the brightness level of your screen can transform how you perceive that all-important interface.

In essence, the problem with your Chromebook’s screen might just be the brightness settings and you can rectify things by adjusting it and setting it back to how it was.

To change the brightness setting on a Chromebook device, you just have to locate and tap on the brightness key. It’s usually located in the top row of keys.

Repeatedly hitting this button will steadily increase the brightness level of the screen and you can simply stop pressing it when you feel you have achieved the desired result.

Method #2 – Deactivate the Split Screen Function on Your Chromebook

Yet another rather unexpected thing that can make the screen of your Chromebook appear somewhat alien to you is if you have two apps running currently on your device. Also known as the split screen function, it can have a rather profound effect on how you see the visuals of your device.

By deactivating the split screen mode, you’ll be able to see the screen of your device in a more natural mode. This will help you conclusively determine if something is wrong or if it was just how you were looking at the device initially.

Deactivating split screen mode on Chromebook is as simple as pressing the Maximum button on either of the open apps on your device.

Method #3 – Deactivate the Docked Magnifier Function

Docked Magnifier is basically a function on your Chromebook that allows you to zoom in or out of certain portions of your device’s screen like you were using a magnifying glass.

Now, it’s possible that you can activate this function without being aware that you did. Alternatively, someone else could have done the same on your Chromebook without your knowledge.

In either case, one way to know if Docked Magnifier is active is that the bottom section of your device’s screen will be showing a magnified view. This might be what is distorting your view of your Chromebook’s screen.

Should that be the case, you simply have to get around to deactivating the Docked Magnifier function. This is easy to do so you don’t have to worry.

You just need to make your way to the “Settings” function, find the “Accessibility” feature and make your way to “Manage Accessibility Settings”. Here, you’ll find the toggle for “Enable Docked Magnifier” likely turned on. Turn it off and its effects will disappear immediately.

Method #4 – Shut Off Your Chromebook’s High-Contrast Mode

It’s usually not difficult to tell when your Chromebook has its high-contrast mode activated. This is because one of the major functions of this mode is to accentuate the colors of your Chromebook’s screen extensively. If you’re not used to this effect, you might find that the visuals of your screen just look weird or inverted.

Thankfully, this mode doesn’t leave any form of damage on your laptop’s screen and you can restore things to the way they were with minimal effort. You just need to switch off the high-contrast mode.

To do this, you would have to get to the “Settings” of your Chromebook, click on the “Accessibility” option, and follow that action by selecting “Manage Accessibility Settings”. Once here, just disable the “Use High-Contrast Mode” function and your Chromebook’s screen is sure to go back to the way it was immediately.

Method #5 – Deactivate the Night Light of Your Device

The Night Light function on your Chromebook was designed with the aim of making it easier for a user’s eyes to handle the strain of looking at a screen in dim lighting. However, if you’re not used to this or if you accidentally activated the function, it might seem like there’s something terribly wrong with your device.

So, to restore things to normal here, you would have to make your way to the “Settings” of your Chromebook and click on the “Device” feature. After that, you want to select the “Displays” option next. Look through this till you find the toggle for “Night Light”.

If it’s activated, turn it off and your Chromebook’s screen should go back to normal.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to panic when you put on your Chromebook and are faced with a screen you aren’t used to. Now that you have solid and actionable answers to the question, how do I get my Chromebook screen back to normal, you can take this challenge on and restore your screen to the way you like it with minimal stress!

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