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Calling all tech experts, hardware fanatics, gamers, and early adopters!

Do you have a passion for staying on the cutting edge of new technology? Do you have a fresh take on the best ways to use mobile tech to enrich daily life?

Then you should come write for us!

This is the place to find all the required info as we break down what kind of content we need, who we are looking to partner with, and how you can successfully submit articles.

Note that the specific types of articles and stories we need can vary over time, so be sure to check back often to see if these guidelines have been updated!

Who Are We?

NetBookNews is the online authority on mobile computing, from tablets to desktop replacement gaming rigs to lightweight ultrabooks.

We’re a dedicated crew who want to share our collective knowledge with the world. We always strive to provide our readers with the best information so they can make informed decisions when buying a new device.

Our goal is to cull out the nonsense, clear up common misunderstandings, and get right to the most important details so readers leave with more knowledge than they originally had.

Sound like the kind of team you want to be a part of? Read on to become a contributor!

Why Should You Write For NetBookNews?

Long story short?

With NetBookNews you can put your name and ideas in front of a huge audience.

Our monthly viewership includes a wide range of in-the-know tech enthusiasts, inquisitive first time buyers, and a growing base of regular readers who trust us to offer top-quality reviews.

Pitching us guest posts or joining our staff writing team will help newcomers start building up a writing portfolio, or give established authors new opportunities to expand their web presence.

Ready to go global?

Work with us to develop your pitch idea, polish your content, master SEO to get your article seen by as many eyes as possible, and make your mark on the mobile world!

Writing Guidelines

Our readers expect to find meticulously researched articles that will expand their knowledge.

At the end of any review or guest post, they should know exactly what steps to take or product to buy to solve their problem.

Categories And Topics

To offer that helpful and knowledgeable experience, we accept post submissions on these topics:

  • Tips and tricks for using mobile devices
  • How-to guides explaining how to get the most out of a laptop or tablet

Striking The Right Tone

Dry lists of specs don’t excite readers, and they certainly don’t help tech newcomers understand the ins and outs of mobile devices.

Your article needs to do more than just explain how a product works or why it is the best in it’s category.

Guest posts need to keep readers engaged, and should be conversational and friendly, but with authority and confidence.

Don’t confuse your audience with a bunch of complicated jargon, and always explain concepts that may not be commonly understood by less knowledgeable readers.

Author Bio and Link Policy

Writers at NetBookNews aren’t faceless robots — we want our audience to get to know our contributors and come to trust their advice.

All guest posts should include:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your preferred profile photo
  • A short bio of around 50 words explaining your background and credentials
  • Any applicable links to your work at other related sites

Article Guidelines

Before writing up and sending us any guest post material, make sure your content adheres to all our basic standards.

Following the rules below will help ensure your content makes it through the process and actually gets posted!

Content Must Be Unique

We don’t accept re-printed material or content that has been plagiarized from other sources — including your own past articles. This restriction includes taking basic content and re-wording it slightly.

When you need to pull information from other experts, make sure to cite your sources. Don’t be afraid to link to authoritative sites to provide more legitimacy to your article.

Note that we don’t accept links to primarily buying-focused sites with lists of Amazon prices for a collection of related products.

Focus On SEO

The best article in the world with the most in-depth content won’t matter if no one reads it, which is why you need to focus on optimizing keywords.

Always use the main keyword for an article’s search within the first 100 words, and preferably within the first paragraph.

Don’t overuse secondary keywords, but make sure to sprinkle them throughout the article in ways that make sense and don’t feel awkward when reading.

Find The Proper Length

The average article length sits between 1,000 and 1,500 words. In most cases, that word count offers more than enough opportunity to thoroughly explain a concept or pick a best product.

In some cases, longer articles may be necessary to fully cover a topic. Longer pitches can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

While overall article length is important to note, we also have strict paragraph and sentence lengths to know ahead of time!

Keep your sentences short and your paragraphs shorter. In general, no paragraph should be more than 2 sentences for any reason.

Online readers have a short attention span, so get to the point and move on before they get bored and find a more exciting article!

How To Apply To Write For NetBookNews

Hopefully you’re excited to become a guest blogger and start your career as a mobile guru, because we’re always on the hunt for new talent!

Have you thoroughly read all the guidelines above and have a solid grasp of what we’re looking for?

Go ahead and pitch your best ideas via email to [email protected] and [email protected]

Before submitting, please be aware that all posts will be edited for clarity, length, and accuracy before being posted at NetBookNews or any of our associated sites.

If you have any concerns about changes to your article, be sure to get in touch so we can address the issue ahead of time.