Top 5 Best HP Laptops Of 2020

You know it’s hard picking a laptop to invest your money in, and I’m sure you’re confused right now about all the hundreds of options out there.

If that’s the case, fret no more as we got you covered with a list of the best possible machines.

We know just how hard it is to pick the right HP laptop and this is why we decided to come up with a comprehensive HP laptop buying guide – just for you!

Read more below to see our top picks for the best HP laptop.

Picking The Best HP Laptop On The Market

You don’t have to check every single feature of every HP laptop you find on Amazon or other shopping sites online!

It’s all about knowing what to look for ahead of time to find the perfect fit. There are five key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Budget
  2. CPU
  3. Form Factor
  4. Battery Life
  5. Display Type

Comparing these key factors will ultimately determine which laptop is best for your usage.

We all have our own reasons why we want to get a new laptop, so make sure you know yours ahead of time.

Are you using your computer for office work? Netflix? AAA gaming? School projects? Below we cover the best options for all those tasks and more.

Let’s dive in and see what’s available for any user on any budget!

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner From 20 Hours Of Research

Editor’s Choice

HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360

Why is it better?

  • Extremely fast i7 processor
  • 4GB of RX Vega graphics
  • Pen enabled display
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Windows 10 Pro included

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The Lineup At A Glance

The Contenders For Best HP Laptop

1. HP Pavilion x360Best Budget HP Laptop

HP Pavilion x360

For a budget laptop, under $500, the 2-in-1 HP Pavilion x360 is HP’s best offering. A full HD screen with decent specs and the included pen make for a fantastic offering if you are low on funds.

  • Crisp 1080p screen
  • Fast HDD with Intel Octane
  • Pen included
  • Only 4GB of RAM
  • i3 processor not great for multitasking

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In today’s world, just because you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a laptop does not mean that you have to buy a used or slow machine. For under $500 you can still pick up a fast, reliable notebook that will last for years.

Key features & details

Budget Friendly

The HP Pavilion x360 is HP’s best offering in the budget market, and has the horsepower to be a great machine even though it isn’t top of the line.

Capable Specs

Packing a very capable i3 dual core processor, you will have enough processing power to handle your daily tasks efficiently. Though paired with the 4GB of RAM you will not have a ton of multi-tasking capabilities, you will still be able to handle most tasks with ease.

Intel Octane Hard Drive Accelerator

The inclusion of the Intel Octane accelerator will make the speeds of the hard drive rival that of an SSD, a huge positive that will make doing your tasks even faster.

1080p Screen

The full HD 1080p screen is crisp and clear. The included pen works well for note taking, and even a bit of art if you are so inclined.

Integrated GPU

The Intel integrated GPU is not powerful enough to run modern games. However, it is more than enough to watch movies and videos at full resolution without any hiccups.

While there are a ton of low budget HP laptops on the market, the Pavilion x360 does everything you need at a great price. It checks off all the boxes we look for in a cheap computer.

Hardware specifications for HP Pavilion x360
ProcessorIntel i3 8130u (2.2 – 3.4 GHz)
Storage1TB HDD + 16GB Intel Optane Accelerator
GraphicsIntel 620
Display15.6-inch WLED LCD, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery Life7 hours
Weight3.2 lbs
Other Features
Touchscreen Pen Display

2. HP Stream 14Best College Laptop

HP Stream 14

The HP Stream Pro is the perfect companion to the college student, being portable and lightweight enough to throw in a backpack all day. It has enough horsepower to make it the best choice for note taking and homework all at a fantastic price point.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Office 365 included
  • Great battery life
  • Slower dual core processor
  • Only 32GB of storage

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When you are in college you need to save every penny you can, which is why the HP Stream Pro is such a significant laptop. Coming in at only a couple hundred bucks, it will fit into any college students budget.

Key features & details

Light and Portable

This laptop is a perfect backpack companion for a college student, being light and portable enough to keep with you all day.

Budget Specs

The dual core Celeron processor is certainly not the fastest on the market, but for the normal college grind (web surfing, emails, video watching), it will hold up fine. The 4GB of RAM is an adequate pairing for this low end processor, but still lacking for multitasking.

Fast SSD but Low Capacity

You only get 32GB of SSD storage onboard, but it is expandable, so take advantage of that and add more to increase the computers capacity. The drive itself is actually pretty snappy, being one of the main highlights of this PC.

Low Resolution Screen

The screen on the HP Stream 14 is well below the standard 1080p, coming in at only 1366 x 768 pixels. This is low, but you will not notice it much on such a small form factor laptop screen.

Office 365 Included

One of the biggest draws to this laptop for college students is the inclusion of Microsoft Office 365. This will allow you to use Word, Excel, etc, plus a full 1 TB of OneDrive storage in the cloud.

College students have much more pressing needs when it comes to their scarce funds. Don’t waste it on a computer with overpowered specs when something as simple as the HP Stream 14 will suffice.

Hardware specifications for HP Stream 14
ProcessorIntel Celeron N4000 (1.1 – 2.6 GHz)
Storage32GB eMMC SSD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 600
Display14-inch WLED LCD, 1366 x 768 pixels resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery Life11 hours
Weight2.58 lbs

3. HP Omen 15tBest Gaming Laptop

HP Omen 15t

The HP Omen 15t features a high end i7 processor and an Nvidia RTX 2070, making it one of the most capable gaming laptops on the market. It will play any game you throw at it flawlessly, and is a fantastic choice for watching movies in 4k.

  • Fast 6 core i7 processor
  • Nvidia RTX 2070 GPU
  • Sharp 4k screen
  • Quite expensive
  • Hot when under load

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HP is known for making computers in a variety of price points, and their Omen gaming PC’s are one of the best selling in their portfolio. If you are considering an HP laptop and want gaming performance, the Omen 15t is a fantastic choice.

Key features & details

Quality Build

While there are other brands in the gaming laptop area, HP has been making strides here and the Omen 15t really shows the quality they are striving for. It can stand up to even the most highly regarded laptops on the market.

Top-of-the-Line Specs

The i7 in the Omen is top of the line, and when paired with 16GB of speedy memory it makes for an epic one two punch of processing power. The SSD is fast and extremely capable, and at 512GB it gives you enough space to load up all of your gaming library.

4k Display

The 4k display is excellent, giving great colors and sharpness that a 1080p display simply can not contend with.

Fast GPU

The real star of this laptop is the RTX 2070 GPU. It will give you enough horsepower to play games at the full 4k resolution so you can take full advantage of the beautiful panel on this laptop.

HP is not as well known in the gaming PC market as the likes of Alienware or ASUS, but by putting out top quality products such as the Omen 15t they will get noticed. This laptop is a must see for anyone looking to buy a top of the line gaming laptop.

Hardware specifications for HP Omen 15t
ProcessorIntel i7 8750H (2.2 – 4.1 Ghz)
Storage1TB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD
GraphicsNvidia RTX 2070 (8GB)
Display15.6-inch WLED IPS, 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery Life6 hours
Weight5.26 lbs

4. HP ProBook 450 G6Best Business Laptop

HP ProBook 450 G6

The HP ProBook is a sturdy, reliable laptop with a strong processor and a fast SSD to help get you through your workday no matter how long that may be. The classic HP laptop stylings are sleek and understated, just what you want when sitting at your desk.

  • i7 processor
  • Sharp 1080p display
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Only 256GB of storage
  • Could use more than 8GB of RAM

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There are many options when looking for a sleek and stylish business class laptop, and HP themselves have a few in this range. However, none have the balance and style of the HP ProBook 450 G6.

Key features & details

Fast and Capable Specs

The core i7 processor is fast and capable no matter the task, and 8GB of RAM is the perfect amount for business applications. Combine that with the quick SSD and you have a speedy machine that will not bog down under work loads.

Brigh and Vibrant Screen

The 1080p screen has plenty of resolution to give the ProBook a crisp picture on the 15.6-inch screen. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the laptop gets plenty bright enough so you can use it in any situation.

Integrated Intel GPU

The ProBook comes with Intel integrated graphics, making it plenty enough for business use. It will not wow you with 3d application performance, but for using Microsoft Office applications and watching videos it will be perfect.

Portable Size

The laptop is light and portable, making it not only great when sitting at a desk but also on the go. Want to take your work with you to the coffee shop? This laptop will do that easily.

Business laptops often are great at some things and bad at others. This laptop is good at everything you would want for an office or home office computer.

Hardware specifications for HP ProBook 450 G6
ProcessorIntel i7 8565u (1.8 – 4.6 GHz)
Storage256GB SSD
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620
Display15.6-inch LCD, 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Battery Life11.5 hours
Weight4.4 lbs

5. HP Spectre x360Best Overall Choice

HP Spectre x360

The HP Spectre x360 is the crown jewel in HP’s laptop lineup. It is the perfect laptop in every way, with powerful specs and with an equally portable and beautiful design.

  • Gorgeous 4k display
  • Strong i7 processor
  • 4GB Vega graphics
  • Pen included
  • Gets very hot
  • Wireless connection is weak

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If you are looking for the best all around laptop from HP, the Spectre x360 is unrivaled. It has everything you could ever want in an absolutely stunning chassis.

Key features & details

Unrivaled Performance

When you have the newest Intel i7 mobile processor and a full 16GB of RAM, it makes for fantastic performance. Throw a 512GB SSD in the mix and you have the ultimate specifications for a portable laptop.

4k Touchscreen

The screen on the HP Spectre is spectacular. With a 4k resolution and full touch capabilities, everything looks good on this display.

Pen Enabled Display

Not only is the display nice to look at, but it offers full pen support making it a great choice for artists. Flipping the 2-in-1 into tablet mode and doodling a picture has never been easier.


In order for it to be able to handle applications like Photoshop, the Spectre x360 has AMD RX Vega graphics. The 4GB of VRAM is extremely useful in those visually strenuous drawing sessions.

Portable 2-in-1 Design

The laptop, being a 2-in-1, is also extremely slim and portable. You will have no problem putting the Spectre x360 in a backpack and taking it on the go.

There is not a clear weak spot in the HP Spectre x360 other than it getting a bit hot on the bottom, and the wifi connection being spotty at times. Those are extremely minor complaints when you take into account the extreme performance and looks that this laptop offers.

Hardware specifications for HP Spectre x360
ProcessorIntel i7 8705G (3.1 – 4.1 GHz)
Storage512GB SSD
GraphicsAMD Radeon RX Vega M (4GB)
Display15.6-inch IPS LCD, 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Battery Life12 hours
Weight4.59 lbs
Other FeaturesPen Enabled Touchscreen Display

How Much Do I Really Need To Spend On An HP Laptop?

Probably your biggest deciding factor will be in how much you are willing to pay for an HP laptop.

Setting your budget should right away narrow down your selection and give you the best value for your money.

As our budget pick at the top of the list of contenders shows, it isn’t hard to find a great HP model at under $500.

If you want a brand new, non-refurbished machine with the best features you can find in this year, expect to instead spend in the $600 – $1,000 range.

For gamers or power users who demand cutting edge hardware, your price will shoot up into the $1,600+ range.

One of the primary features that will vary by price is he CPU, which is what’s responsible for processing tasks. Always aim for a faster processor when possible.

Ideally, you should get an entry-level Core i3 laptop if you wish to use a laptop only for browsing, social media, Netflix, and some basic tasks.

This article is aimed to provide you the best experience on a laptop so we’re presenting you primarily models installed with a Core i4 or i7 processor.

What Features Besides CPU And RAM Do I Need To Consider?

Don’t forget that laptops come in a variety of forms.

A general rule of thumb when buying a laptop is to always consider portability and convenience.

If you use a laptop mostly on a desk, I suggest you go get a traditional clam-type designed laptop.

On the other hand, if you really need to get things done on-the-go, I personally recommend you get a laptop that can be folded back, or one that you can detach from the keyboard.

Battery life is another major determining factor when picking a new laptop. Battery life varies greatly from one model to another.

If you use your computer regularly but can’t easily have access to a wall socket, a laptop with a longer battery life should do you wonders.

In general, higher resolution screens and dedicated graphics cards will eat up battery life much faster. Getting an energy efficient 8th gen processor can also help increase battery life.

Landing On The Right HP Model For Your Needs

It’s all about knowing what your needs are to effectively make the right selection. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options you can find online and instead focus on the things you need.

Bear in mind the key points we have discussed above and you shouldn’t have any regrets at the end of the day.

Which options in our list do you think is best for you?

Are you having problems deciding which contender to pick? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which laptop brand is the best?

You will find each major brand being very similar. HP is one of the strongest on the market, as they cover a wide range of use cases; anything from gaming laptops to business class laptops.

Are HP laptops good for business?

Yes!  HP makes fantastic business laptops. We have listed one in this article, but there are many on the market that could be beneficial depends on your need (more on the post).

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