7 Reasons Why A Chromebook Is The Best Gift For The Blogger

Updated on June 1, 2020
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Have you been thinking about getting a gift for a blogger and you’re considering a great device? A Chromebook can be a great pick and it won’t cost you much. 

There are multiple reasons why Chromebook is the best gift for the blogger including compactness, productivity, and more battery life. When blogging on the go, Chromebooks make a great choice thanks to high portability, productivity,  and better battery life.

When the Chrome OS was launched, some people tried to dismiss its capability as an ideal blogging tool. As time went by, web-based apps became more popular and with the OS getting better features, Chromebooks have become a viable blogger’s companion.

Initially, you had to rely on a desktop or a bulky laptop to accomplish blogging tasks. But times have changed with regard to the best laptops for blogging and bloggers. Chromebooks are now a reflection of the current needs for most blogging needs. 

And this is one of the reasons why a Chromebook is the best gift for the blogger who gets online from any place to create a great blog post conveniently.  Besides being light, they offer the functionalities of the Chrome OS at a fraction of the cost of ordinary laptops.

Why a Chromebook The Best Gift For The Blogger

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Considering the tasks handled by bloggers there are several devices that can get the job done. So, a laptop or tablet is the best for blogging? Most blogging tasks that can be completed on a browser can also be accomplished on a Chromebook. However, these devices are designed to offer more than that.

Improved Productivity

When considering productivity apps, Google Apps is an option that comes to mind for most bloggers and creatives. The web-based version of Microsoft Office can be used at no cost and it is perfectly compatible with Chromebooks. If you prefer creating blog posts using a word processor before they go live on your sites, this is a great option.

Additionally, day-to-day tasks like email and doing research before writing can also be completed on a Chromebook. For more productivity, Chrome Web Store has various Apps for accomplishing tasks like writing code for a blog post.

Chromebooks Are Android Compatible

Most newer Chromebooks can run android apps found on Google Play store thus extending their functionality. Both social media and design apps can be quite useful in the blogpost creation and promotion process.

Specifically, using the android version of Instagram gives you a better experience than when using the desktop version. 

Benefits Of Using a Chromebook for Blogging

Chromebooks can be quite beneficial to bloggers in various ways. Security, power efficiency and cost-effectiveness are just some of the reasons the devices are considered among the top 8 must-have gadgets for professional bloggers.

Higher Power Efficiency

..with a Chromebook, power efficiency is among its strengths and you can rest assured that you’ll have enough time to write, edit, and post a blog post…

Having a laptop run out of power can be a frustrating experience especially when you want to beat a deadline or if you are in the middle of a collaboration session with team members. But with a Chromebook, power efficiency is among its strengths and you can rest assured that you’ll have enough time to write, edit, and post a blog post.

Most Chromebooks on the market have been optimized on power efficiency. On average, they have processors that use about 6W-15W, meaning they can last the whole day on a single charge. In fact, some models can last up to 17hours without needing to plug-in for a charge.

Better Security

When buying a computer for bloggers, security is likely to be among the top considerations. Literally, bloggers depend on computers to conduct business. And using a Chromebook gives you more security since you won’t have to constantly worry about viruses that affect Windows laptops. 

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There is a certain peace of mind that comes with the assurance that your device isn’t vulnerable to nuisance viruses that threaten your work.

In addition, the Chrome OS constantly maintains two copies of the software installed. Every time the OS is updated, it also updates a copy of the OS that will be running on the next reboot. Most importantly, the updates are delivered in the background meaning you won’t experience the lags that plague Windows users when the OS is updating. 

Documents are Backed up in Real-Time

If you’ve ever tried to boot a laptop and all you get is the “blue screen of death”, you probably know how inconvenient the situation can get. But when you are using a Chromebook for blogging, it becomes easier to get your files back as long as you have access to a computer or a second Chromebook thanks to the Chrome OS.

While Chromebooks may not come with the features available on a normal laptop its highly likely that most of your work depends on using a browser. As long as you use Google browser, your documents are accessible in the event that your Chromebook disappoints and doesn’t boot.

It’s Easy to Share Your Posts and files

While you won’t be getting plenty of storage space on the Chromebook’s local drive, most of your work will be synched in the cloud. Using the files app, you can quickly upload various files to the cloud.

Since the security is enhanced in the Chrome OS, collaboration with teams and clients is easier and safer. The fact that this operating system runs android apps smoothly, sharing your blog posts across the various social media platforms is a breeze.   

Doesn’t Cost Too Much

..It’s possible to get a great Chromebook for less than $400 which makes financial sense when you don’t have a huge budget for a blogging device…

It’s possible to get a great Chromebook for less than $400 which makes financial sense when you don’t have a huge budget for a blogging device. Since they run on a free OS that doesn’t require paying for hefty manufacturers fees, the deal becomes even better.

The maintenance costs are minimal thanks to the Chrome OS. But this doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality. Chromebooks take a short time to boot and come with essential Apps for most blogging tasks. Besides, you can choose between a range of features and designs.


Chromebooks have made a substantial impact on the laptop market landscape with the introduction of efficient, cost-effective, and productive alternatives. Contrary to some beliefs, Chromebooks can be a great companion for bloggers who want to stay connected and accomplish more. 

Considering the power efficiency, portability, and the security that comes with the Chrome OS, this is definitely a perfect gift for a blogger.

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