How To Improve Gaming Performance On Laptop

Updated on November 11, 2022
How to Improve Gaming Performance on Laptop

Are you bothered by the stuttering graphics that your laptop is experiencing while playing games? If yes, then your laptop might need a little boost in its performance. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that you can do to maximize your laptop’s potential and make it faster.

In order to improve your gaming performance, go to the Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings. Select “Adjust for best performance”, then click OK. After that, enjoy your faster gaming experience.

But as they say, nothing is free in this world. You may improve your laptop’s gaming performance but at the cost of a lower quality appearance. If you don’t want to sacrifice your laptop’s appearance but still want to boost your laptop, you might want to check our other tricks that could be more applicable to you.

10 Ways To Improve Gaming Performance On Your Laptop

Set Windows to Adjust for Best Performance

Your laptop does not only process your games but also its appearance and background apps. They are all necessary for your laptop to function properly. However, you can sacrifice a little bit of the appearance to give more priority to improve your gaming performance. You could do it by following the steps below:

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  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Open the System and Security.
  3. Select System.
  4. Find the “Advanced system settings and click it”.
  5. The System Properties window will open and then click the Performance Settings.
  6. Click the “Adjust for best performance”.
  7. Click Apply, then OK.

Restart your game after adjusting the settings for the best results. You will see that the quality of the appearance of everything will decrease but your gaming performance will become smoother.

This option is good if you can make the hard choice of sacrificing your game and laptop’s overall appearance in exchange for better performance.

Adjust Power Mode To Improve Laptop’s Speed

Did you know that your laptop has a hidden power? Yes, and it is the power to control and balance your battery power and processing power. It is initially set to the balanced mode but you can increase your gaming performance by also increasing its power consumption.

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To control your laptop’s Power Mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the additional options from the Windows system tray that is seen from the bottom-right of the screen. It is denoted by the “^” symbol.
  2. Click the battery icon.
  3. From here, you can adjust the Power Mode to give your laptop a speed boost.

Just take note that doing this will make your laptop’s battery drain faster so it is not recommended if your laptop is not directly plugged in into an AC power source.

You can also turn on the additional High-Performance mode of your laptop on the Control Panel. You can enable it by following the steps below:

  1. Find and open your Windows Settings.
  2. Click System.
  3. Open the Power & Sleep from the sidebar.
  4. Scroll down to the “Related settings” and click “Additional power settings”.
  5. The Power Options window will open. On the sidebar, choose “Create a power plan”.
  6. Select High Performance, then click Next.
  7. Choose your desired “Turn off the display” and “Put the computer to sleep” settings. You may opt to leave it out to the default settings.
  8. Click Create.

Now, your laptop will unlock its High-Performance mode but will also use an additional amount of battery power. If this stresses you out, you may check our article about the laptops with the best battery life to give you an idea about the different options if you will want to have a laptop with stronger battery power.

Turn Off Unnecessary Background Apps

You may not know it, but background apps help slow down your laptop’s gaming and general performance. Make sure to give your laptop’s optimum capability to the game that you are playing by lessening the opened apps. Below is a rundown of tips on how to close unnecessary apps.

Start off with closing all the easily visible opened apps and folders like your sticky notes or the folder where you scanned some photos before minimizing it and continue playing games. These are some of the most unnoticed contributors to slowing down your laptop.

After that, close the opened apps on your background that can be seen on your Windows System Tray. Windows System Tray contains miniature icons of different applications like sound, battery, anti-virus, and others. Scan through it and close all the apps that you really don’t need for your gaming session.

You can also look for the opened background apps on the Windows Task Manager. To access it, press CTRL key + Alt key + Del key simultaneously. Click the task manager then open the Details tab. Some of the opened apps that are not visible on the Windows taskbar and Windows System Tray are visible here. Scan it and close the unnecessary apps.

Overclock Your Laptop’s Graphics Card

If you are really in heat while playing games on your laptop, then you could try to do the same with your graphics card by overclocking it. It gives your laptop a real boost on graphics and general performance which gives you a better gaming experience.

The downside of doing this is that your laptop will heat faster. And heat is directly correlated with the lifespan of your laptop parts. The hotter it gets, the faster its deterioration will be. Besides, not all graphics cards are overclockable.

So overall, it is a good trick but just remember to overclock your GPU with care.

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Update Laptop Drivers For Smoother Processing

Your laptop drivers ensure that the functions of your laptop are seamless and can be used efficiently with each other. Having an old laptop driver might have compatibility issues with the latest patch of the game that you are playing which in turn would ruin your laptop’s gaming performance. So make sure to always update your drivers to get the best experience on using your laptop.

Another tip is that, do not turn on your Windows Update automatically because if you do, it won’t ask you and just will download files and latest drivers from the internet once they are available. If you are in the middle of playing a game and Windows Update suddenly kicked off, it might affect your network connectivity.

Install The Latest DirectX Version

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of tools that handles interactions and communication between those who handle tasks related to multimedia. It is a very important aid for laptops, especially for games and animation.

You can check the version of your DirectX by following the rundown below:

  1. Press Windows key + R key simultaneously.
  2. Type “dxdiag”, then press OK.
  3. Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DXDiag) to open.
  4. Click the System tab, and find the DirectX version.

The latest version is DirectX 12 but the lower versions are still okay, depending on the game that you are playing. Most of the time, it will be explicitly stated by the game studio who made the game.

Use Game Boosters

Game Boosters are applications or software that are designed to improve the gaming capability of laptops and desktop computers. You can find many game boosters on the internet and each of them has its own advantages.

Though to give you a better idea of what a game booster can do, we will give detailed instructions on how to use Driver Booster, which is one of the best game boosters that you can download.

  1. Download Driver Booster, install it, then open it.
  2. Click Scan to update your drivers.
  3. After that, click the rocket icon to enter the Game Mode option.
  4. Click Turn On on the Game Boost option.

Now you can run your games again and you will notice an improvement in your gaming performance. If you are wondering, the two main functions of Driver Booster is to update your laptop drivers and to enter the Game Mode. By entering the GameMode, Driver Booster automatically detects the unnecessary apps and disables it to free some space on your RAM.

Check Your Network Speed

This is one of the most common gaming problems because if it is your network speed that has the problem, there are only a few things that you could do which are mostly as good as praying for your network speed to improve.

You could try disconnecting and then reconnecting again to the game, or to the internet. You could also try to restart your laptop and your router. If this does not work, you could try to contact your internet service provider or wait until your connection to come back to a stable level.

Upgrade Your Storage To SSD

Of course, everybody knows that your CPU, GPU, and RAM makes your gaming performance better. But a lesser-known fact is that even your storage type affects the processing speed of your laptop. 

How would this affect your laptop? Well, while playing games, some data of your game are encrypted and stored locally, deep within your game files. And opening those files while playing games gives your storage some tasks to do. So a faster and newer generation of storage types will surely improve the gaming performance of your laptop.


Basically, there are two types of storage, namely, HDD and SSD. Their main difference is that HDD uses magnetic tape and mechanical parts to store information while SSD uses electricity. And only just by imagining it, you will know that electricity moves much faster than mechanical parts.

HDD uses mechanical parts that spin throughout the magnetic tapes to read the data that is encrypted on it. This is why you often hear or read the term RPM or Rotations Per Minute that is associated with HDD storage because it determines the speed on how fast it reads data.

SSD uses electric plates to store electrical charges which serve as a storage unit. You won’t read any RPM that is associated with SSD storage because there are no rotating parts. All electrical data are just readily available anytime.

Maintain A Clean Laptop

Our last tip, which is also the most important method to improve your gaming performance, is to keep your laptop clean. You might think of the days that you are enjoying pressing your fast and killer combos on your keyboard while peeking on your dusty screen. This truly adds a real-world experience to the battlefield.

But a dusty laptop blocks your laptop’s air vents which in turn, traps the heat inside of it. Heat directly contributes to your laptop gaming performance because it messes with the electricity flow inside your laptop. And with billions of processes happening inside of it in every instant, even a small electricity gaffe could turn into a disaster.

Besides, the materials on your hardware can only handle enough heat before deteriorating. So it is actually a must to clean your laptop from the dust and dirt that has accumulated in it.


What Is A Gaming Laptop?

If you think that gaming laptops are laptops that are only designed to play games, then you are wrong. Basically, gaming laptops are all laptops that could handle intense processes such as animations, graphics, games, and complex simulations. It is not limited to just playing games but all that needs a high level of performance.

These laptops have a higher quality of hardware that will not be utilized if you will just be using simple tools like MS Word. Yes, an allowance on your laptop specs is better, just take note that if you will want to buy a gaming laptop, their prices are also on a higher level than ordinary laptops.

What does FPS mean?

FPS stands for “Frames Per Second” and it measures the number of frames or frame rate that a screen could display. To put it simply, all visual screens that display motion show multiple pictures consecutively at a fast rate that our eyes cannot see it as multiple images and just recognizes it as a motion.

Usually, our eyes could recognize 12 frames per second or 12 FPS as a choppy motion. As the FPS increases, the motions become smoother.

If you have read or heard it somewhere while playing games, it is because your games involve quick motions and for these kinds of movements, a high FPS is surely better.

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  1. What I am always surprised by is how many gaming laptops thermal throttle under loads. This should never happen in a gaming laptop, or any laptop actually. You are paying for performance you can’t achieve because the thermal management cannot handle it. Especially true with top end CPU’s and thin laptops. They do not seem designed to handle the hardware available in them.
    If you buy better hardware, you should be able to get that performance all the time.


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