4 Different Methods to Record a Webinar [Expert Tips]

Updated on July 24, 2023
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When you have extensive knowledge in a certain area, whether professional or domestic, you will want to share this knowledge with other people. Now, people who have exclusive insights or incredible tips in certain areas are hosting a wide variety of webinars. This is the most convenient method, as professionals can host any educational events, be it marketing, sales, or business leadership online, without having to worry about renting a place to hold an educational lecture. 

Specialists who want to learn something from professionals can sign up for webinars from anywhere in the world and gain useful experience. Some educators conduct live webinars, after which they share their recordings on YouTube and other popular platforms with other users. Thus, everyone can watch useful content at any time, as well as easily download YouTube videos of past webinars and watch them even offline. 

However, some educators conduct their webinars only live. It is impossible to access them after they have ended. For many viewers, this becomes a problem, since webinars can be at night or during working hours when it is not possible to watch the live version. 

There is a great solution to this problem. If you cannot attend a professional webinar, then you can simply record it for home use and view it at a time that is convenient for you. 

You can find great software or use online applications for recording a webinar. 

Webinar recording software and online apps 

Online tools 

Screen Capture 

There is no need to spend money or take up computer space when you can do everything online and for free. If you need a tool just to record a webinar that you can’t attend, you should use a free screen recorder. When you have the opportunity to use a great tool for free, you can benefit from it and make informative clips if also you want to share your knowledge with other people. It doesn’t have to be a webinar, as this tool will allow you to make informative mini-movies about your company’s products or services.

All recordings that you make will be saved to your computer in high quality. You don’t need to look for some special screen recorder for Windows 8 as the operating system won’t play a role if you use this online tool. You can safely turn on the recording when the time for the start of the webinar comes up and do your urgent business. 

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When you want to install software, you need to make sure that your computer meets all the technical requirements. Then you can be sure that the program will run smoothly. If you have an old laptop for which downloading powerful software can be a challenge, you don’t want to specifically look for the best laptops 2023 for this.  

Therefore, you can use another online screen recording application that is in great demand among users. So, you don’t have to look up how to screen record on an HP laptop or whatever. You can register in 3 easy steps. 

Its attraction is that you don’t have to store your recordings on your computer’s local drive. If you don’t have enough space, you can store your files in the cloud. No one will have access to your records, so you can keep all files safe. 



Nowadays, there is no shortage of webinar recording software that you can install on your computer, but you can find both paid and free options. This tool offers use on two major operating systems, so you don’t have to look for a specific application just for Windows users or Mac users only. 

When you try the free version, you can only record clips up to 2 minutes long. In this regard, you can consider this software if you are going to use it for many other purposes. 

It is great not only for recording online presentations, live events, and more. You can use it if you also want to share your knowledge in your professional area, so it is also great software to create explainer videos where you can add annotations. 

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Someone’s experience and someone’s unique knowledge can take you to new heights, so you should attend useful webinars and also have software for recording lectures if you won’t be able to attend all the events online. You can easily capture on your computer a huge amount of materials and presentations that will reveal exclusive informative details on topics that interest you.

This screen capture software is in high demand among Mac users who use it not only to record webinars but even gaming sessions as the quality of the recordings is excellent. It perfectly records both system sounds and the microphone, so you can safely turn on your computer speakers to get a full recording of a professional webinar. 

By the way, you can control the whole process using your iPhone. You can connect remotely to enable recording. Thus, you do not need to press the start button in advance and record the screen before the online event starts. At the same time, on the final recording, you will not see any traces of your remote control from your smartphone. 


Webinars help you gain unique knowledge from professionals. This can later help you in your career or other field. However, they often take place only live, which can be inconvenient for many viewers. 

In such a case, you need to find a platform that will help you record your screen while you are doing important things. You can choose both online applications and software depending on your needs. 

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