Best External Touch Screen Monitor for Your Laptop in 2023

Updated on January 7, 2023
best external touch screen for laptop

Touchscreens are very convenient and they make your life a whole lot easier since it’s much easier to navigate through the interface. With this in mind, using an external touch screen monitor for a laptop is a good idea if you don’t like using a clunky mouse.

And if you’re interested in buying an external touch screen monitor, then this article will be of big help. Since it explores the best external monitors on the market as well as laying out the criteria for choosing them so that you can make the decision yourself.

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Best External Touch Screen Monitor for your Laptop in 2023

ASUS VT229H – Budget Monitor

If you’re looking for a cheap external touch screen monitor for your laptop, then you’ll find that the ASUS VT229H  is a suitable choice. It's one of the most affordable choices on this list and despite its low price it comes with tons of convenient features that greatly boosts its value.

The ASUS VT229H is one of the cheapest touch screen monitors on this list but just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean it’s low quality. No, this external monitor is very flexible and it’s compatible with both HDMI and VGA ports.

Aside from that, it has a 10-Point touch capacity for both its multi-touch applications and virtual keyboards. The touch screen monitor also features its ASUS Eye Care technology which automatically adjusts the screen settings to lower eye fatigue allowing you to use this touch screen monitor for hours even if you have eye strain. 

Lastly, it’s compatible with multiple versions of Windows, notably Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Overall, the ASUS VT229H  is one of the best touch screen monitors on this list and it’s definitely worth a buy if you’re looking for an external touchscreen monitor that has a lot of bang for its buck.

ASUS Zenscreen – Portable Touchscreen Monitor

ASUS Zenscreen
If you’re planning to travel a lot but still want to have the convenience of an external touch monitor, then you’ll love the ASUS Zenscreen. This touchscreen monitor is small and very easy to carry around in it also features an anti-glare IPS panel display which makes it useful to use on sunny beaches.

The ASUS Zenscreen is a high-end external monitor with touch functionality. This 15-inch monitor only weighs about 2 pounds and it’s 0.3 inches thin making this a very lightweight and portable.

Aside from portability, it has your best interest and convenience in mind since it features an anti-glare IPS display for use on hot sunny days and it comes with an easy to use a monitor stand so that you can operate the device using only one hand.

And just like with the ASUS VT229H this device features the Asus Eye Care technology which dramatically reduces eye fatigue by minimizing flickers in the backlight and filters blue light that’s strenuous to the eyes. 

The touchscreen monitor has a wonderful full HD aspect ratio which works really well with its eye care technology. Lastly, it’s touch functionality and touch support is compatible with multiple OS and supports Windows 7 up to Windows 10, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac OS.

Overall, the ASUS Zenscreen is one of the best touchscreen monitors on this list boasting both portability and convenience. 

Acer T272HUL – WQHD IPS Display

Acer T272HUL
If you’re looking for touchscreen monitors with high display resolution and good display type, then the Acer T272HUL is one of the best choices. This external touch screen monitor offers more than a full HD display with its WQHD resolution for maximum quality and perfectly placed viewing angles that easily enhances your viewing experience.

Looking for high-quality touch screens for laptops? The Acer T272HUL is an ideal touch screen for laptops. Thus external touch screen monitor offers a WQHD display and a 60 Hz refresh rate which greatly enhances the viewing experience.

Additionally, it has perfectly adjusted viewing angles that make it easy for the eyes allowing for prolonged use. All this makes this 27-inch external touch screen monitor good for movie watching or for handling high-quality media files.

Its 10 point touch screen senses allow its users to seamlessly scroll, zoom, and adjust images with ease making this a good choice for editing files. Overall, the Acer T272HUL offers one of the best displays on the list and its multiple connectivity options are to be envied.

ViewSonic TD2230 – Scratch Resistant

ViewSonic TD2230
If you’re looking for touchscreen monitors that will last for a long time, then it needs to be durable and have some kind of protection for its display. The ViewSonic TD2230  is a good choice for this since it features a scratch-resistant display that greatly enhances its lifespan.

Touch Screen monitors are delicate and a little accident can permanently damage it. Which is such as shame since they are cheap devices to buy. Which is why durability is very important when choosing touch screen monitors.

The ViewSonic TD2230 might be a good candidate for this since it’s one of the most durable touch screen monitors on this list. It has a 7H scratch-resistant screen allowing it to last for a very long time.

It also offers a wonderful full HD display as well which works really well for the long term thanks to its scratch-resistant touch screen. 

Asides from durability this external touch screen monitor has a slim and easy to carry design making it very portable as well. It also has tons of connectivity options as well since it can connect to USB 3.0 ports, HDMI cables, and other peripherals as well. 

Overall, the ViewSonic TD2230 is a wonderful touch screen monitor that offers durability, portability, and good design.   

Acer T232HL – Impressive Connectivity

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The Acer T232HL should be your go-to choice if you’re looking for a touch screen monitor that will allow you to connect your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and other peripherals.

Asides from connecting to your mobile phone, the Acer T232HL has the viewing convenience of its customers in mind. You can easily adjust the tilt of its LCD display allowing you to find that perfect view. Adjustability ranges from  8 degrees up to 60 degrees.

Now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or simply enjoy the quality full HD display that this touch screen monitor has to offer. Lastly, its 10-point touch display allows for easy access to your laptop’s files allowing you to navigate through the interface with ease. 

Overall, the Acer T232HL is an amazon touchscreen monitor that offers tons of connectivity and gives you the chance to adjust the display finding that perfect angle for you to use. 

Dell P2418HT – Ultrathin Bezels 

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There are many reasons why people use external monitors for their laptops. One of the main reasons is that it helps them multitask at work. Sadly, some people can be easily distracted by the edges of the screen since which does put a dent in their work.

A good solution for this is by using ultrathin bezels that significantly remove those distractions and the Dell P2418HT was made specifically for this.

This high-end touchscreen display provides quality ultrathin bezels that remove distractions as well as a natural FHD display to help the eyes concentrate. And speaking of the eyes, it also features anti-glare displays that significantly reduce reflections allowing the person to work uninterrupted.

Overall, the Dell P2418HT is an amazing pick for people dedicated to working seriously. It greatly reduces distractions and it will make your job easier on your part.

Planar Helium PCT2785 – Ergonomic Stand

Planar Helium PCT2785
If you’re looking for the ultimate touch experience with your external touch screen, then you’ll love the Planar Helium PCT2785. This external monitor has a flexible ergonomic stand that’s easily adjustable and it can be tilted up to 70 degrees allowing you to choose the best angle.

The Planar Helium PCT2785 is one of the best touchscreen monitors on this list. It features a wide 27-inch display giving you a natural display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also features blue light technology which makes it easy on the eyes and allows for viewing even for long periods of time.

The external touch screen display also offers a plug and play experience making it very convenient to use. So you don’t have to worry about installing external drivers as well. But its greatest feature is its ergonomic stand.

The Helium in Planar Helium PCT2785 is a good way to represent this device since its ergonomic stand easily takes advantage of its lightweight allowing the user to adjust it to the best possible angles without problems. Lastly, the display can be tilted up to 70 degrees giving you a wide range of adjustability. 

Overall, the Planar Helium PCT2785 is an amazing touch screen monitor that has the best adjustability out of all the monitors on this list. It’s a good choice if you’re picky about the angle of your display.

Acer UT241Y – Built-in Speakers

Acer UT241Y
If you don’t want to use your laptop speakers or simply want to use better speakers in general, then you might like the Acer UT241Y. This touch screen device comes with its own set of speakers making this a good choice for watching movies or playing songs from a much better speaker.

Most laptops aren’t made for playing music or for playing sounds that are loud; this is because integrating a powerful speaker on a laptop is expensive and it costs too much space. Space that could be used for RAM, storage, and improving its specs.

With that being said, if you still want to play loud sound with your laptop, then why not use an external speaker. And what better way to do it than to use an external monitor that comes with an inbuilt speaker.

The Acer UT241Y is a good example of this since it comes with 2 speakers that play sounds at a much higher quality. This makes this touch screen monitor ideal for watching movies, playing music, and even for playing games at your console.

It’s very compatible with other devices and its zero bezels make it ideal for indulging in media. Overall, the Acer UT241Y is a good choice if you want to use external speakers for your movies watching sessions.

ANGEL POS – Heavy Duty Display

If you’re planning to use your external touch screen for business use, then you need to make sure that it can handle abuse. The ANGEL POS was made for this kind of thing since it has a sturdy and rugged construction and unlike other monitors on this list, it has a very thick and sturdy metal base.

Businesses in the service industry need to be fast and efficient and using a mouse to take orders is becoming a thing of the past. Using a touch screen monitor for this will save your staff a lot of time and they’ll be able to service a lot more customers.

With this being said, your employees might not be the most careful of people and someone could accidentally hit the monitor toppling it over. Thankfully, you have the ANGEL POS. Its a strong and durable touch screen monitor that has a rugged and durable design capable of taking abuse.

It also has a very sturdy base as well so even if accidents occur, it has a higher chance of surviving.

Overall, the ANGEL POS is one hell of a touchscreen monitor and it’s definitely one of the best options when it comes to the service industry.

Cocar Touch Screen Display – 19 Inch Display

Cocar Touch Screen Display
If you truly want a big screen to use with your hands, then the Cocar Touch Screen Display is a good choice. This touch screen display is 19 inches in size giving you a wonderful view and more space to do work with your hands.

The Cocar Touch Screen Display is probably one of the best external touch screen monitors to use with a stylus pen. With space this big you can easily use it to create wonderful digital art as well as work efficiently on other things.

Needless to say, the Cocar Touch Screen Display was made for creative work in mind. It also has a point resistive screen so expect it last quite a while as well.  And of course, it’s compatible with USB and VGA ports as well and supports multiple versions of Windows.

Overall, the Cocar Touch Screen Display is a good reason for why size matters. You simply can do a lot more things with a 19-inch screen around. 

Picking an External Touch Screen Monitor for Laptop in 2023


One of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing an external touch screen monitor is the display. The display will determine how easy or how hard it is for you to see what you’re doing.

Needless to say, we recommend getting a display with HD resolution or better, Thankfully most of the displays on this list have FHD resolutions so you don’t need to worry about that if you’re choosing from our list.

Another factor that falls into the display is the adjustability of the stand. What makes an external touch screen so convenient is the ability to tilt the display. This ensures that you can easily navigate through the interface even with just one hand,

Looking for touch screen monitors that have a wide range of angle adjustment is also a good idea and if adjustability is what you’re looking for, we highly recommend the Planar Helium PCT2785.

Sensitivity and Durability 

Next up on the list, we have the sensitivity of the external monitor. This is very important since the only way you can navigate through the interface by using its touch features. An unresponsive external touch screen monitor is useless and a big waste of money.

We recommend looking for external monitors with touch support and its 10 point multi-touch features since they are more advanced than your typical touchscreen and it will help the monitor differentiate each of your fingers from one another providing you with a better experience.

Asides from sensitivity, the durability of the external monitor matters as well. Since you’ll be interacting with the monitor directly it should be at least durable enough to handle small scratches from your fingertips. 

This is why it’s important to look for touch screen monitors that have anti-scratch or scratch-resistant displays. You’ll be using these monitors for a long time, so its important that they should be a little durable. 


Last but not least we have connectivity. The main reason why you’re using an external touch screen monitor in the first place is that you want to use a different screen in the first place and it defeats the purpose of this if the monitor can’t even connect to your laptop in the first place.

Thankfully most of the items on this list are very connectible and all of them are compatible with laptops running on Windows OS. If you are running a different OS, then it’s best to check for compatibility so that you won’t be wasting any money on a monitor that doesn’t work.

Lastly, it’s good to find a monitor that connects to other peripherals asides from your laptop. Having a monitor that can connect to your gaming console and mobile phone can come in handy especially when it comes to recreation. 


All of the touch screen displays on this list have the convenience of their users in mind and they have special features and traits that vary from monitor to monitor. Some will have amazing displays while others have built-in features like speakers that make them more convenient to use.

And if you follow the advice doled out in our criteria, then you’ll have a better understanding of what to look for in an external touch screen monitor. We hope you are more knowledgeable on this topic and we’d love to hear what you think of the article in the comments below. 

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