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News Round Up: Import Ban on Apple Prodcuts? Samsung vs Apple Trail End, Surface Gets Price Point & Cyanogen Mod 10

This week Post PC Nation takes a closer look at the possible import ban on the Apple products in the US, the end of the Samsung Apple trail as well as pricing for the Windows RT edition of Microsoft’s surface tablet and Cyanogen mod 10…

Steve Jobs Was Receptive to 7″ tablets According to an Internal email

Steve Jobs was never shy about expressing his disdain for the the 7 inch tablets, but thanks to the Samsung Apple legal battle new information has been released about Jobs true feeling on the form factor.  The most vocal moment for Jobs was in an…

Samsung vs. Apple: Official Statement from Samsung

The sage between Samsung and Apple continues at the Regional Court in Mannheim Germany. The position of Samsung is very clear: Apple is using its patents (which belong to FRAND) and they would like to find a solution.
and we’ve got a official statement from…

Australian Retailer Gives Apple The Finger, Sells Galaxy Tab

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Tab being banned in Australia one retailer disregarded the temporary country-wide injunction, ignoring threats of legal action from Apple.
dMavo has sold and continues to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… in Australia which is under a temporary injunction by created

Samsung vs. Apple: EU Commission opens Investigation

The ongoing war between Samsung and Apple just got more complicated thanks to the European Commission investigating the Korean firm’s use of patents in a move that could force Samsung to drop many of its legal cases against Apple if it is found guilty.

Samsung Vs Apple: Can Samsung Get the iPhone 4S Banned?

Samsung Electronics Co. said it will try to stop the sale of Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4S… in France and Italy, aiming to use publicity over the device’s introduction as leverage against Apple in a broader fight over the design of smartphones and tablet computers.

iPhone 5 Press Invite Sent Out & Samsung Readies Lawyers

Apple has just sent out the press invite for an iPhone… event on October 4th, 2011 at 10am, if you want to check out the event, here it is below. Its an interesting time for the iPhone since Samsung is rumors to be working on

Samsung Going After the iPhone 5 in Europe

Samsung is reportedly preparing to block sales of the iPhone… 5 in Europe. The South Korean company is rumored to be making plans to ban the up coming smartphone from Apple in their own country as well as selected countries in Europe.
Samsung and Apple

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Removed for Sale from

The saga of Samsung tablets getting pulled off the shelves in Germany continues. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is going to be available on Thursday here in the US, but overseas its just been pulled off of Amazon. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… was officially

ASA Decides that the iPhone 4 is Thinner Than the Samsung Galaxy SII

If Apple and Samsung didn’t think that they had enough to fight about it seems that they have decided to fight it out for the title of thinnest Smartphone on the market. The Advertising Standards Authority has been forced to rule on a complaint regarding…

Apple vs Samsung – Did Apple’s Lawyer’s Commit a Procedural Error?

Last week Apple won a suit in the German courts that has stopped the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… across Europe excluding the Netherlands.  Lawyers in Germany have started lending their expertise to the case and are pointing out some interesting facts.  Two

Apple Request Import Ban on Samsung Mobile Devices

It’s Apple vs. Samsung and the battle is only getting bigger.
Just a few days ago Phandroid reported Samsung was filing a lawsuit with the request to ban the sale of Apple products in the U.S. Well, now Apples firing back (again) with some requests…

Apple Favoring TSMC over Samsung for their A6 Processor?

Apple and Samsung have been in an ongoing battle which could cost them their manufacturing contract for Apple’s next generation processor the A6.  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is in the running for the contract according to both a Taipei Merill Lynch analyst and an…