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Samsung to Reach 10 Million in Galaxy S3 Sales by July

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling like hotcakes. There have been more than 9… million pre-orders and the demand is so high that Sprint had to delay the launch of this coveted smartphone. According to Reuters, by the end of July sales are projected to

Chromebooks: Acer unsure, ASUS & HTC Renounce the Idea for Now

For the time being, Samsung will probably remain the only supplier of second generation Chromebooks. Competing manufacturers are very skeptical about the netbook-like notebook with Google’s cloud operating system Chrome OS. The first-generation Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer had very disappointing sales. According to the…

Samsung Galaxy S3: Already 9 Million Pre-Orders Worldwide

Do you remember the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2? After its predecessor was such a great success, there was no doubt that the S2 would soon follow. And it did, selling 3 million smartphones in just 55 days. 3 Million in just two months…

New iPad Pre-Order Up in Apple’s Store. Where else can you buy it?

Apple has just announced it’s latest tablet, the iPad HD, and the question on everyone’s mind is where can I buy one! We’re going to take the well educated guess that the availability of the iPad 2… should closely mirror the distribution set up for

Canada Loves the Playbook, More Sales Than the iPad Last Week

Looks like Canada hasn’t turned its back on RIM and the Playbook has out performed all other tablets including the iPad… at Future Shop and Best Buy Canada.  This is pretty interesting news, except when you put it into the context of timeslines, Apple is

iPad Sales Ban Would be Difficult to Enforces says Chinese Customs

Yesterday  45 Apple iPad’s were pulled out of selected Chinese reseller location in Shijiazhuang China as part of the iPad… trademark dispute in China over. As part of the dispute Proview, who owns the iPad trademark in China, is seeking between $38 million and $1.6

Apple iPad Outsells Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Korea

Insider information apparently leaked out around the number of iPad…’s sold in South Korea in 2011 totals 1 Million units sold.  In late November 2010 held a whopping 700,000 iPads shipped leaving the remaining 300,000 to have been sold in two and a half

iPad Trademark Battle Heats Up in China, Apple Reseller Raided Yesterday

In case you missed it Chinese courts rejected Apple’s claim to the iPad trademark and they are now facing a $1.6 Billion lawsuit from Proview.  As apart of this lawsuit government officials in Shijiazhuang raided an unnamed Apple reseller over the weekend. As a part…

Sprint Promotion Allows Some Customers To Upgrade Early

Sprint is looking to keep your business with a new promotion that is valid only at Sprint corporate locations.  They are hoping to keep customers locked into another 2 years by offering early upgrades.

Starting February 12th, all an eligible customer would have to do…

Acer Has Eye’s For Brazil, 1 Million PCs Hoping for Latin Love

South America has been heating for sometime with projected sales aiming to creep into the same league as China. Acer is looking to grab a piece of that pie and aims to move 1 Million PCs in Brazil. Just yesterday they announced that they were…

Tablet Ownership Doubles After Christmas

Tablets were a hot gift item and it seems they were even more popular since Pew reports that tablet and ereader ownership has actually doubled over the holiday season. About 10 percent of Americans owned each in December, but both had surged to 19 percent…

Kindle Fire Affecting iPad Sales

The Apple iPad has always been top dog in the tablet ecosystem, but the Kindle Fire… has changed all that according to a new report. Morgan Keegan analyst, Tavis McCourt, has revised downwards his projections for sales of the iPad in Apple’s first fiscal quarter

iPhone Loosing its Market Share in Mainland Europe

Looks like the Apple iPhone is starting to loose its steam. It looks like market share is declining in the majority of Europe except for the UK, they’re still loyal Apple fanboy’s. According to research firm Kantar the October release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S…

Apple May Lose Fight in Germany Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N

As you may know, Apple has been feuding legally with Samsung over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices, especially the 10.1, due to design cues that Apple claims looks extremely similar to the iPad/iPad 2…. Samsung created an update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Lenovo to Ship 300,000 U300 Ultrabook’s in Q4 & Starts Sales in China

The Lenovo U300 is considered the top Ultrabook on the market by many of my favorite technology bloggers.  My self I’m partial to Leveno so it, along side the ASUS UX31… are my  top two picks.  Being among the first to partake in this new