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Netbook News Has Moved to Mobile Geeks!

It is the end of an era, we still believe in the Netbook, but our love of Mobile Computing has us following the times with the Smartphone, Tablet & Ultrabook… coming up to grab the limited an coveted space in our bags an pockets. The

North Korean iPad Clone, Quanta Factory Video leak, Surface Tablet, X-View 2 & iPhone 5 photos – News Round Up

In this weeks news round up with check out a photo of Kim Jong Il holding a N. Korean iPad… clone, watch a video of the Quanta factory that was accidentally shipped on an HP laptop, the Thomson X-View 2 gets a debut date,  Apple’s

Acer Aspire One 756 with the Celeron 877 Review – Video

Acer has come to market with a device that is the new benchmark for the netbook category. The Aspire One 756 is 11.6 inches and runs an Intel Celeron 877 CPU which is actually based on Sandy Bridge architecture. We ran it through the paces…

ASUS Padfone Docking Station Review After 6 Weeks – Is it Worth Buying?

Well it’s been 6 weeks since we picked up the Padfone… and we thought that we would give you our impressions of the docking station.  We have already done a 4 week review of just the phone and now we thought we would follow up

A Week of Microsoft – Post PC Nation News Round Up

Last week’s tech news was 100% dominated by Microsoft, they started off the week announcing the Microsoft Surface Tablet and followed that up with details from Windows Phone 8.  We also give you a sneak peak of what to keep an eye out for this…

Windows Phone 8 Feature Round Up Plus a Bonus Rant [Video]

If you’re wondering what features Microsoft has packed into their new Windows Phone 8, you’re in luck, we’ve got an article here and I’ve rounded them up in the video below. If you think you know what’s going on with Windows Phone 8 you might…

Post PC Nation News Round Up: iPhone 5 Rumors, Macbooks, ASUS & Nokia

Happy Monday! We thought we’d catch you up on the the news so you start your week off all caught up.  We’re shooting this week’s round up from a beach called Small Bay in Kenting which is in Southern Taiwan.  Don’t be too distracted by…

Computex 2012 Wrap Up Video – Predictable Yet Significant

Computex 2012 is one of my favorite shows of the year, not only because it’s on my home turf but because it gives us a good idea of what the back to school and Christmas shopping line up is going to look like. This years…

PostPCNation News Round Up Oracle vs Google, Gigabyte X11, iCard & ASUS EB 1033

Looking for a quick news round up? We’ve got a summary of what went on last week in case you missed it.
Let me know what you think of the format and the news, we’re looking to improve every show!…

News Round Up – Galaxy S3 Reviewed, Thinnest Smartphone Ever & Facebook Rumors

Even though its Memorial Day doesn’t mean that mobile computing news still isn’t going on. The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone reviews started hitting the web on Friday. We’ve actually got a round up of some of our favorites here if you want it…

Gigabyte S1081 Windows 7 Tablet Unboxing

The Gigabyte S1080 has gotten an update to the S1081… and we’ve decided to unbox it for you as well.  The upgraded 10.1 inch tablet is nearly identical to the S1080 apart from a Cedar Trail processor bump to the N2800 processor.  The processor change

Weekend News Round Up – Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks, Raspberry Pi, Pafone Review & More

Happy Monday Everyone! We’ve got a few interesting stories for you to check out, if you didn’t notice, even though the Samsung Galaxy S3… has yet to be released it has generated a series of stories over the past 48 hours.  If you’re not excited

News Round Up: Padfone, Proof of a Quad Core Samsung Tablet & New Ultrabooks

This week in mobile computing news we’ve got a few interesting stories, earlier in the week we benchmarked the Padfone, and we uncovered proof of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 quad core tablet.  In the realm of Ultrabooks and Netbooks there were a few…

ASUS Padfone, Ultrabooks Galore, Flipboard & CTIA – News Round Up

Curious what happened this week in tech? We’ve got a news round up for you that’s focused on Moblie computing news, we go touch on the ASUS Padfone which we got some extensive hands on time with, the ASUS Zenbook UX32VD and the HP Spectre…

Weekend News Round Up: iPhone 5, HTC One X Woes, Sony Ultrabooks, & More

Last week was a bit of a news vacuum because of the Samsung Galaxy S3… launch and now that’s over the weekend produced a few stories worth mentioning.  Apple is going after the domain, AT&T is meddling with the bootloader on the HTC One