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Acamar Transformer an 8.9″ Netbook That Turns into a Tablet

Convertible Netbooks aren’t new but Chinese company Acamar has come out with one that’s a little different especially because it’s only 8.9… inches.  The Acamar Transformer’s  design which allows you tilt back the screen before closing the lid so it can be flipped into

Novero Solana Convertible Cedar Trail Netbook Hands-On [video]

Last year at Intel Developers Forum we saw the Novero Solana convertible Cedar Trail netbook prototype, but unfortunately, it was under glass.

This time at CES 2012 in the Intel booth, we got to see the Novero Solana up close and personal. It has an…

NEC MGX Ultra Thin 7 inch Android Netbook Caugh on Camera

Android is not an operating system for keyboard devices, so this is another interesting product that probably will never leave Japan.  NEC has come out with a 7 inch Android netbook that is only 9….9mm thick or less than 0.4″, that’s thinner then many

Windows 8 Shown Off on the Touchscreen Gigabyte T1125

The new Windows 8 operating system is currently targeted at touch screen devices like tablets. Anyone who has downloaded it on to a traditional laptop will notice that its a pain to get around on a keyboard and mouse PC. However, the Gigabyte T1125 notebook…

5th-Generation Classmate PC Netvertible Hands on [video]

Live from the IDF 2011 show floor, Sascha has a quick look at the 5th-generation of the Intel Classmate PC.

It’s a very ruggedized computer for younger students. The thick plastic case has rounded corners and looks like it can survive some bumps (but don’t…

ASUS Eee PC T101MT Multitouch Netvertible gets Dual Core N570 (update: pre-order available)

Update: The Atom N570 version of the ASUS Eee PC T101MT convertible netbook is now up for pre-order priced at $469 at This model comes with a 250GB HDD and 1GB of RAM. A higher end Pro model gets you a 320GB HDD, 2GB…

Dell Inspiron Duo Up For Preorder At

We saw Dell’s Inspiron Duo 10-inch netvertible hit the Microsoft Store earlier this week but now it’s hit – both preorders of course. No configuration options and the same specs – A dual core Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD, Bluetooth…

Dell Duo Up For Preorder at Microsoft Store

While the Dell Inspiron Duo netvertible is still “coming soon” on Dell’s own homepage, it’s up for pre-order at the Microsoft Store. No mention of a release date here but we know it’s officially arriving the first week of December.
We know pricing and specs…

Dell Inspiron Duo Due 1st Week of Dec for $549 – Hands On Video

Didn’t take long for the rumours around the Dell Inspiron Duo… to be confirmed. Its due out the first week of December for $549 and should be up for pre order any day now which is pretty quick since we first caught wind of it

Unboxing: T1005 10.1″ Dual Core Netvertible

Today we are unboxing Gigabyte’s latest 10 inch netbook that converts to a tablet, the Gigabyte T1005 sporting the dual core Intel Atom N550. In the box you’ll find a few extra’s that really add tremendous value making the unit feel like a highend PC.…

Fujitsu Lifebook T580 10.1″ Core i5 Tablet Netbook In The Works

I can’t speak for Fujitsu products that aren’t netbooks but in the last couple of years they haven’t made a good impression with their range of rather expensive and mundane netbooks but maybe this new 10-incher from them could be more successful.

Pictured: A much…

Haier X220 Netvertible Heading to the US

Brad over at Liliputing spotted the Haier’s X220 10 inch convertible tablet at CES the folks at Wireless Goodness have spotted a listing for the Haier X220P at the FCC web site, we hadn’t heard of any plans to release this netvertible in the US…

Acer 1825PT Handwriting Tests with Specialist Stylus

Wonder how the capacitive touch display on the Acer 1825 PT works while using your finger and then a specialist stylus. Wonder what’s under the hood?
Acer 1825 PT Specs
Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
Intel Core2 Duo processor SU7300 (1.3 GHz, 800 MHz…

Gigabyte T1000P Netvertible up for pre-order on Amazon

Taiwanese company Gigabyte is finially making its T1000P, which has been for sale here in Taiwan for over six month available on for pre-order. The is a 10.1 inch touchscreen style tablet which features a high resolution 1366 x 768 pixel touchscreen display. There…

Unboxing & Review – Acer 1825 PT 11.6-inch Convertible

Guy over at CarryPad has gotten his hands on an Acer 1825PT 11.6-inch Convertible, which means it turns from a computer to a tablet in one easy swoosh. There is a full review up on CarryPad but in short good performance but its Ultra… glossy