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ASUS Padfone Extended Review – 4 Weeks of Use [Video]

I picked up the ASUS Padfone… at the beginning of June and I’ve finally gotten around to shooting and posting my 4 weeks review (thanks for the reminders that I owed you this video! :).  My opionons haven’t changed much from my original review so

Computex 2012 Wrap Up Video – Predictable Yet Significant

Computex 2012 is one of my favorite shows of the year, not only because it’s on my home turf but because it gives us a good idea of what the back to school and Christmas shopping line up is going to look like. This years…

ASUS Padfone 8MP Camera Review & Walk Through

The ASUS Padfone… is a 4.3 inch smartphone with tablet intentions, this hybrid device slides and powers a 10.1 inch tablet. The Padfone sports a qHD (960 x 540 pixels) 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display that offers vibrant colors which are visible in the sunlight. The

ASUS Padfone Detailed Handset Walk Through

The ASUS Padfone… is a gorgeous smartphone, at 4.3 inches it packs a powerful 1.5Ghz dual core Snapdragon S4 CPU with an Adreno 225 GPU. The Padfone is sleek and well-built and feels very satisfying, its textured back, which gives it a firm feeling in

Intel Medfield Z2610 Chipset Heading to Tablets

Intel’s Medfield chipsets are heading to mobile devices and back at IDF in September we heard about the Atom Z2460 which was was designed specifically for Smartphones. VR-Zone has gotten wind of the next Medfield CPU, the Atom Z2610 which is targeting tablets.
According to…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Used as Desktop Computer

The concept of hooking up your mobile phone or tablet to an external monitor and peripherals isn’t a new one, but the video below showing off the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as desktop computer is a cool reminder that newer mobile devices are even more capable…

Apple Exploring Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Future iPhone’s

One of the reasons Apple’s iPad was so thin upon release was because the battery was custom designed to enable an Ultra…-thin case. So its not surprising that Apple is looking to push battery technology in its future devices. The US Patent & Trademark

FXI “Cotton Candy” USB Stick Runs Android On Almost Any Device

Norwegian company FXI showed off a prototype device with a dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD slot, and HDMI-out all wrapped up in a USB thumb drive that will enable “Any Screen Computing” on devices like HDTVs, set-top boxes, laptops, tablets, and…

Tablet shipments to Increase 60% in 2012, Netbooks Fall by 28%

Looking at the tablet market into 2012 the final quarter of 2011 is meant to remain steady an not see any growth. However, but Digitimes Research senior analyst James Wang believes that the zero-growth in the fourth quarter is the joint affect of Japan’s earthquake…

How Snapdragon S4 Differs From Tegra 3 [Update]

With Nvidia’s Kal-El or Tegra 3 being released along side Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 the question is how are they different?
The new Snapdragon processors will have a dedicated voltage plane and clock frequency for each core which is called Asynchronous Symmetrical Multi-Processing (aSMP). As the…

Nvidia: Tegra 3 Vs Tegra 2 [Video]

Nvidia is set to launch Tegra 3 for the first time on the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer… and the question becomes what how much better is Tegra 3 compared to Tegra 2? According to Nvidia the Tegra 3 processor provides up to 3x the graphics

Is Samsung Picking up MeeGo Where Intel Left Off?

While reporting from IFA 2011, it seems that Sascha Pallenberg of has come upon some interesting news: Samsung may take over MeeGo development now that Intel seems unwilling to continue developing MeeGo due to lack of hardware manufacturer interest.
Right now there isn’t much…

HP CEO: 2012 Every HP PC will ship with webOS

Guess whose looking to have their mobile operating system scale cross platform? It looks like HP has bigger plans for WebOS then I imagined and is looking to havei t scale on to all of their computers. Eventually their hope is that it will power…

Convergence, Windows Tablets & Gadget Tom Foolery with Intel’s Uday Marty

Nicole Scott sits down with Intel’s Uday Marty to talk about mobile computing and its ecosystem. Uday was on the team at Intel that brought Netbooks to Market then made the shift to notebooks. He has an interesting take on the mobile computing scene, as…

Mophie Juice Packs Keeps You Mobile Computing Even Longer

Mophie is a hardshell case and rechargeable battery pack. Use it to charge your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and your iPad… on the Powerstation and you’ll double or even quadruple your battery life depending on which model you grab.
The Mophie iPhone, iPad or iPod