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LG G-Slate Gets a Release & the Dell Streak 7 Gets Priced

The illusive LG G-Slate… seems have avoided the hands of the masses at CES 2011 but some leaked documents with its release date seem to be within our reach. It appears that T-Mobile will be releasing this tablet onto their network on March 23rd. Since

Dell Looking Glass the Streak 7 Hands On Video

Dell’s Looking Glass is official being dubbed the Streak 7 will be available on T-Mobile HSPA+ network and apparently has been built from the ground up to take advantage of being a networked device. The Streak… 7 also offers dual cameras a 5 megapixel rear

More Dell Streak 7 shots leaked, T-Mobile branding (Update: January 19 Launch?)

Update: With all the Dell Streak 7… news lately, it’s not surprising to hear a rumor of a tentative release date of January 19 for the 7-incher. No word on source, just a simple mention of a likely release date. Source: tmonews via BGR

Dell Streak 7 pops up again, at FCC this time

Yet more proof that Dell’s 7-inch “Looking Glass”, or Streak 7… 7-inch Android tablet, or whatever it’s going to be called, is coming, and very soon; it’s at the

Dell Looking Glass Tablet leaks out

Today’s leak (or rather, torrent) of Dell’s near-future product line-up gave us a glimpse and some decidedly good looking mobile phones they’ve got in the pipeline, and also gave us a good look at the 5″ Streak…’s big brother, the Looking Glass.  This cleverly-named