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Why Apple Thinks that People Buy Android Phones

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple rages on and one of the fantastic side effects is that we get a glimpse into the way the companies think about technology.  An internal study from Apple was released during the trail this week that might be…

Motorola Wins Patent Infringement Case Against Apple in Germany

The litigation in the mobile space continues. For this round, Motorola has won a favorable ruling in their patent infringement case against Apple in Germany. Motorola claimed that Apple is infringing on a patent of theirs concerning data packet transfer protocol.

Of course, Apple will…

iPhone 5 Press Invite Sent Out & Samsung Readies Lawyers

Apple has just sent out the press invite for an iPhone… event on October 4th, 2011 at 10am, if you want to check out the event, here it is below. Its an interesting time for the iPhone since Samsung is rumors to be working on

Samsung Going After the iPhone 5 in Europe

Samsung is reportedly preparing to block sales of the iPhone… 5 in Europe. The South Korean company is rumored to be making plans to ban the up coming smartphone from Apple in their own country as well as selected countries in Europe.
Samsung and Apple

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Erased from IFA 2011

It seems that a sticker on the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 proclaiming that it is not for sale in Germany wasn’t enough to satisfy the Apple injunction against Samsung sales of the Galaxy Tab… there.

A while ago, Apple was granted an