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Hands on With the New Snapdragon GUI – IQ 2010 (Update: Part 2)

Update: Added the second Snapdragon GUI demo below. Again, it’s showing some hardware accelerated SVG animation, smooth and slick.
At IQ 2010 Sascha got to check out the new GUI for the Snapdragon development platform. You get up close and personal with shading and gradient…

Dual Core 1.5GHz Tablets, Smartphones, Smartbooks May Launch As Early As Christmas (Update)

Update  (9…/9): Remember Qualcomm’s dual core 1.5GHz ARM Snapdragon processor? Well don’t expect it this year, let alone even early next year. Expect it out at the end of 2011, but in the mean time you can enjoy Qualcomm’s dual core 1.2GHz processor

Snapdragon MDK Walkthrough at IQ 2010

At IQ2010 we had a chance to check out Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Mobile Development Kit running on a development handset running the MSM8255 Snapdragon mobile processor. He shows of dual screen capability which shows off video decoding capability. 2D and 3D rendering is also shown off,…

Ilomilo 3D Jump ‘n Run on Snapdragon Developers Platform

Sascha is at Innovation Qualcomm, IQ2010, and got to take a quick look at ilomilo, a 3D Jump ‘n Run which was tested on a Snapdragon developers platform. Ilomilo first started as an XBLA project and was later ported to Android to showcase Qualcomm’s Snapdragon…

IQ 2010 – 25 years of Qualcomm

During Innovation Qualcomm 2010 in London, Qualcomm was showing this little clip to document the 25 years of the companies history and to highlight some milestones.
Innovation Qualcomm – IQ – is an annual European Qualcomm event which brings together the brightest minds in mobile…

Qualcomm CEO – Smartbooks are Dead. Killed by Tablets.

Looks like Qualcomm’s IQ 2010 is already full of punchy headlines after CEO Paul Jacobs admitting during the open keynote that tablets such as the iPad… had already occupied the niche they expected smartbooks to. Jacobs described tablets like the iPad as delivering the concept