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IDF 2010 Netbook News Industry Insight & Predictions

While at IDF 2010 Nicole Scott & Sascha Pallenberg sat down and talked about the first day of IDF 2010. They talk about recent netbook hardware developments around the N550 in the ACER D255 as well as the multiple software stories found around the show…

Splashtop supports MeeGo with its Instant On OS – IDF 2010

DeviceVM, is behind the popular Splashtop instant-on OS and is moving forward with MeeGo through by offering OEMs a MeeGo-powered Splashtop.
Instant on has been around for a while and never gained too much traction in the main stream. This new incarnation of Splashtop has…

Elements 2010 Party Video with Will Wheaton

Intel’s AppUp! put on Elements 2010 September 15-16th. It gave us the opportunity to meet and network with fellow mobile developers, learn about the platform, and most importantly have a good time. There will be a ferry ride across the bay, Wil Wheaton will be…

NFS N-Pad Super Thin And Light Moorestown Tablet – IDF 2010

Chippy at CarryPad shows us what to expect from Intel’s upcoming Moorestown platform (Atom Z6xx, GMA600 graphics) next year for tablets, MIDs and such with the NFS N-Pad tablet from IDF 2010 earlier this week. Super thin and half the weight of the iPad…

LG Joins the Atom N550 Club Rehashing the LG X140 – IDF 2010

Looks like LG reached back into their old school netbook line up and put the Intel Atom N550. Originally the LG X140 had a N270 running 1.6GHz with Windows Vista Home Basic. It also has the standard inputs with 3 USB 2.0, VGA, Audio jacks,…

MSI Wind U160 Getting A Dual Core Atom N550 Upgrade

Despite debuting with the extremely popular MSI Wind U100 10-inch netbooks, MSI has since been coasting along making minimal changes to following netbooks though they did have a few bright spots such as with the short lived (in the US) hyrid MSI Wind U115 netbook.…

UMPC Making a Comeback? Ocosmos OCS1 Running Oaktrail – IDF 2010

Remember the UMPC? Well if you don’t I won’t hold it against you! OCosmos has come out with the OCS1… and its running oaktrail. We couldn’t play around with it but they would let us film a Starcraft trailer and you’ll get a walk around

WeTab 16 Second Boot Up & 1 Second Instant On – IDF 2010

The WeTab… is going to the the first MeeGo tablet to market with a release date of September 27th, 2010 in Germany. We got to jump in on a meeting with Xavier from who was filming the boot time of this 11.6 inch tablet.

Jolicloud Running on an Archos 9 – IDF 2010

At IDF 2010 we came across a little surprise with Jolicloud running on an Archos 9… tablet. The booth had locked the UI because too many people kept rebooting the system, but apparently it was fully operational.
Jolicloud, a Linux-based operating system – which allows

Greenvale Menlow Tablet Hands on at IDF 2010

Looks like Oak trail… Menlow tablets are going to be hitting the show floor. The Greenvale 10 inch tablet is based on Menlow, the Z550 2Ghz processor allows for a very slim and light tablet. The glossy display is 1024 x 600 with 2GB of

JooJoo 12-Inch Atom ION Tablet Hands On – IDF 2010

We’ve finally got our hands on the JooJoo… tablet over at IDF 2010 – an Atom Pinetrail / Nvidia ION based tablet that’s 12-inch in size. The hardware certainly looks sleek though we’re not too sure about the interface, but at least it’s trying to

7-Inch GemTek Tablet Running MeeGo – IDF 2010

I’d be a waste if IDF finished without getting to play around with more MeeGo tablets (other than the ExoPC) and luckily there’s still gadgets to see. JKKMobile found this 7-inch GemTek Moorestown tablet running MeeGo. Quite exciting to finally see some Moorestown powered tablets.…

ExoPC’s Windows 7 GUI is as much fun as Playing with Bubble Wrap!

When we first saw the ExoPC at Computex 2010 we fell in love with the zen filled circles and the way the it made a Windows 7 tablet a viable product. It’s only been two months and this 11.6 inch tablet continues to impress with…

Dell Dual Core Spinning Screen Tablet/Netbook – IDF 2010 Video

Hah, the Sparta! If you recall back in April this year, Sparta was the codename for their netbook tablet with an unusual flip design which was revealed in a leaked roadmap – Peter
This was an interesting development at this morning’s Keynote as I wasn’t…

10-Inch Render Atom Tablet Gets Handled – IDF 2010

Large sized tablets might not be ready for Android yet but they are certainly ready for Windows, without the battery life and touch based interface of course and if that suits you fine then you’ll certainly feel right at home with the Render tablet that…