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Papercakes – Touchscreen Game for Your Netbook

Papercakes is a fun touch screen game that you can play on your netbook. Paper Cakes is a mind-boggling puzzle platformer on a virtual piece of paper. Find your way to the cake by folding the level itself! The game consists of 40 levels, gradually…

Developing Games for Netbooks – Smiles

Developing games for multiple systems at once is one way to tackle it. Learn about specific challenges for porting your game on to netbooks from the developer of the award winning game smiles Mike Kasprzak, CEO of Syhkronics.
If you want a little more information…

GDC 2010: Tegra 1st Generation Vs Tegra 2ng Generation

GDC 2010: Unity Engine 3D Game Development

GDC 2010: Tiger Woods PGA Tour in Browser & Your Netbook

Continuity a Logic Game that’s Perfect for Netbooks

There were lots of games at GDC 2010, but one game stood out above the rest because well its a logic game that’s focused on using the keyboard and is good for hours of fun.…

GDC 2010: Porting LBS Games onto Netbooks though Intel’s AppUp!

GDC 2010: Mali 2D & 3D + Multitasking 2 videos on a big screen

Cakewalk SD-50 Sound Module turn Netbooks into a Music Studio

Learn about the Cakewalk’s SD-50 which is an external sound module that turns your Netbook into a full blown sound studio with thousands of built in sounds and loops. It comes with 2-in/2-out, 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio interface with XLR/¼” inputs/Phantom Power/Hi-Z input, 1 x 1…

A-R Drone Quadritor w/ Camera & Augmented Reality Game

GDC 2010: New Games for the Atari. . .That’s Right Atari

GDC 2010: Developing Games For Netbooks: What You Need to Know

GDC 2010: Level Up Netbook Gaming Application Award

GDC 2010: Nvidia’s Sarah Tariq on Simulating Realistic Hair

Sarah Tariq shows us how simulating & rendering realistic hair with tens of thousands of strands is something that until recently was prohibitively expensive for real-time use. She walks us through her hair demo at GDC 2010.…

Tegra 2 Tablets Software Walk Through at GDC 2010