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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Shows Up in Pictures – Jelly Bean to Be Announced for Galaxy S3 at IFA?

There are two upcoming Samsung events that have electrified our imaginations. Tomorrow an event is scheduled at which we expect to see the Galaxy Note 10.1…. But that’s already up in circulation, so we can not exclude the possibility that tomorrow’s presentation might include

Samsung is Planning a 11.8″ Tablet with a Resolution of 2560 x 1600?

As the legal battle between Samsung and Apple wages on, one of the unexpected discoveries in the legal documents was of an up coming tablet from Samsung.  The Koreans are apparently working on a tablet codenamed “P10″ which would include LTE and an 11.8-inch display…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Debuting at IFA in August?

News is picking up over the release of Samsung’s next generation Galaxy Note…, this time it’s about the release date. According to MK News and their source “familiar with the matter,” the Note 2 is right on schedule for launch in October but will

Galaxy Note II to Launch in September with Bigger Display?

We’re eagerly awaiting news of when the Galaxy Note… II will hit the street, there have been early signs from Samsung about what CPU it’s going to be using.  The current Note is sports a 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD display, so it’s hard to imagine

New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumor has a Lunch Date

Just today someone asked me if they should get a Galaxy Note…, I said yes, only if you don’t mind a newer version being released in the late Fall.  It seems my instincts were on the money since MK Business News has heard the