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Google Play Policies Get an Overhaul: Honest Developers Rejoyce

Today Google has made a large change to their marketplace, Google Play where steps have been taken to kill annoying in-app ads. Many of the policies and rules listed have already been in place, but today we’ll go through the new ones that will change…

StyleTap Let’s You Bring Back PalmOS App

Remember Palm? It has probably been a while since PalmOS before Android was a glint in Google’s eye. But if you’re longing for the good old days and you’d like to revive some of your Palm Apps you’re in luck!  StyleTap lets you emulate Palm…

Muppets Come to Life with Band-Aid Magic Vision App – Uplinq 2012

Does a singing, swinging muppet make a boo-boo feel better? Johnson & Johnson certainly think so. Their Band-Aid Magic Vision App uses augmented reality technology to recognize the image on a band-aid and bring Kermit the Frog to life. Simply scan the band-aid and Kermit…

Google+ For Tablets Official Demonstration & Walk Through

If you’re not using Google+, you should be, if you missed the Google IO keynote you’re in luck because we’ve got the official presentation here for you. If you’re not convinced that you should be using Google’s social network here are a few compelling reasons.…

Wimbledon Apps Will Make You Feel Like You’re There!

Wimbledon has kicked off and if you can’t watch the games you’re in luck because you’ve got some amazing options for your phone.  Wimbledon has two official apps Wimbledon Radio which has a live audio feed and Podcasts to keep you upto date with news…

Pinterest For Android Making a Debut This Week?

Are you addicted to Pinterest? Join the club, if you’re an Android user I have some news that could have your favorite website eating more of your free time. A very observant Google I/O attendee Ausdroid was checking out the Sandbox attendees and noticed Pintrest.…

iPhone 5: New Rumors- Obviously

Oh the disappointment! The new iPhone… 5 wasn’t announced at WWDC. Now we’re left to mull over more rumors until Apple finally releases the long awaited smartphone. This time the rumor hinges on “hints” from the new iOS 6. In tiny print on the opening

Moboto: Transforming iOS Devices into the Ultimate Sidekick

Did you ever wish your iPhone… had more personality? Would you like to give your trusty sidekick an eye, a mouth, arms, a name? Well if Mark Solomon’s kickstarter project Moboto is successful, you’ll be able to choose a personality and a number of features

Android Heading to 30M ASUS PCs – Touchscreen Laptops on the Way? *Update*

Looks like some news has gotten out a little early about what we’re going to hear at the ASUS press conference this afternoon.  According to GigaOm, ASUS will be shipping Bluestack on 30 million of their PCs, Bluestacks is an app player that brings Android…

Men in Black 3 (MIB III) on Android – Game Play Walk Through

Looking for a free game that has some half decent graphics? Men in Black 3, MIB 3, has released a fee game on Android & iOS this weekend. You’ll get to take charge of the MIB headquarters, sending your agents on assignments, fighting aliens, maintaining…

$49 Desktop Android, Dell Ultrabook, Google+ Update Weekly News Round Up

This week in mobile computing news VIA rocked our world with a $49 Andoird desktop computer, news of a Dell Ultrabook… for business was leaked. The Google+ App for Android got an update and Toshiba announces an end to the Netbook.
I won’t spoil it

Google+ New App Now Available for Android [Video]

Hooray – finally it’s here! The new version of the Google+ App for Android. Apple fans have already been enjoying the new version for a while, but now it’s finally available for Android users.

At first glance, you’ll probably be a little smitten and you’ll

WhatsApp Gets Unofficial Awesome Upgrade on Android

WhatsApp has become a standard App among pretty much all smartphone users and if you’re using Android you’re in for a treat as XDA Senior Member rafalense has created WhatsApp Plus.  Take the stock WhatsApp experience and add more control over its theming.

We’ve got…

ASUS Padfone 8MP Camera Review & Walk Through

The ASUS Padfone… is a 4.3 inch smartphone with tablet intentions, this hybrid device slides and powers a 10.1 inch tablet. The Padfone sports a qHD (960 x 540 pixels) 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display that offers vibrant colors which are visible in the sunlight. The

Flipboard for Android APK Available for Download

Flipboard has finally made its way to Android, we expected to see it released along side the Samsung Galaxy SIII, instead it was just pre installed. Sneaky XDA form member Valcho grabbed the APK off one of the SIII’s at the event and threw it…