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Max Payne NVIDIA Tegra 3 Game Review

Welcome to the new NVIDIA TegraZone 3rd person shooter Max Payne Mobile. Having just been released for iOS users, it is now available as of June 13th  …for Android users. This excellent collection of graphics, game play and story line is sure to

Angry Birds Space Hits 10 Million Downloads in 3 Days!

I have to admit, that I’d lost my lust for taking down the pigs in Angry Birds months ago, yes the levels got harder and they added a few new brids to spice things up, but with all the new games I just lost interest.…

Angry Birds Space Demo’ed on Various Smartphones & Tablets

Rovio has just released Angry Birds Space into the wild and I have to admit, I’m impressed. It’s been a while since I’ve gone past level 5 on a new Angy Birds release because I was bored. But this new iteration has introduced a 3rd…

CyanogenMod to Get Cydia-like App Market?

The Android Market is pretty open, especially compared to Apple’s iTunes App Store. However, recently certain apps that have somehow “infringed” against certain Google partners or carriers rights have been pulled from the Android Market.

For example, the ClockworkMod Tether app — which allowed users…

Microsoft Goes After Android Phone Users with Free Windows Phone

Microsoft is going after Android users who may have been affected by the malware by offering them a free Windows Phone. The latest promotion follows reports that Google has recently removed 22 apps from Android Market that contained malicious code.

In a twitter post, Microsoft…

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Review Round Up

The reviews are out on the Amazon Kindle Fire… and  they are mixed, but the reality is that for the $199 price point there were some sacrifices made even though its got some very decent specs.

The Kindle Fire has a 7-inch multitouch IPS display

Amazon’s A9 Flow App Uses Augmented Reality to Help Holiday Shoppers

Amazon is releasing an augmented reality app called Flow to give shoppers comparison pricing, reviews, and other information from about products simply by pointing the camera at them.
The app uses’s visual recognition algorithms and the live camera feed to find the product…

What’s New with the Android Marketplace Update?

The latest edition of Android Marketplace is being released with version 3.3.11 and its got a few enhancements that should make you check to see if an update is available on your device. The latest version adds in a number of new features which the…

Apple Releases Universal Version of GarageBand [video]

Earlier today Apple released a version of GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch users. What’s nice is that it’s now a universal app, so if you previously bought the iPad… version, the iPhone or iPod touch version is a free upgrade.

The version for iPhone/iPod

Windows Phone 7 App Store Growth on Par with iOS

If you’re of the impression that Windows Phone 7 is doomed on arrival you might want to check in with their apps store growth.  Jan Dawson, Chief Telecoms Analyst at Ovum noted that the smartphone market will increasingly become the mobile device market as penetration…

Hacker Bus from SF to Elements in Seattle Update: Video

Intel’s AppUp! Elements is taking place on September 28-29th, 2011 in Seattle and Netbook News is going to be getting on a bus from San Francisco and drive up the coast to attend this developer focused event.
What I’m embarking on 36 hour coding marathon…

Hottest Applications, Devices & Trends in Retail App Stores: AppUp! Elements 2011

At AppUp! Elements a panel of intellegent and whitty people got on stage to talk about where tech was going from a hardware and software perspective and how consumers are going to be purchasing applications. There is a lively discussion about the latest trends on…

Ultrabook Market Opportunity: Intel AppUp Elements 2011 [Video]

The Ultrabook is the new category that we’ll be seeing hit the streets in a few weeks, the Ultrabook… is essentially the PC industries answer to the Macbook Air. Looking at Ultrabook Market Opportunity the end-user expectations of the PC are rising and their requirements

Zinio Topples Angry Birds on iPad

Magazines on the iPad are a hot commodity. When you look at featured apps in the iTunes App Store, it seems like many of them are digital versions of popular print magazines. I personally welcome this trend, since it’s a lot easier to carry and/or…

Windows 8 to Get an App Store

Windows 8 will be rearing its head this fall and talk of an App Store is going along with it. Microsoft has launched a Windows 8 blog and they’ve discussed their plans to introduce an app store in it.

Windows Live Division President, Steven Sinofsky…