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Korean Carriers Comfirm iPhone 5 Coming with LTE

Speculating about the details of the iPhone… seems to have eveolved into a professional sport, but when carriers weigh in on the subject, that takes things to a whole new level. SK Telecom and KT, have told Korea Times that they’re currently in-talks with Apple

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE Tablet Coming to Canada August 9th, Shortly After, to America

A good 16 months after the introduction of the first version of RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook…, the 4G LTE version is finally going to be available on the market. In Canada, the BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE will be available in stores August 9th. The new

RIM Blackberry PlayBook 10 Inch 4G Tablet with 4:3 Display Photos Leaked

RIM continues to manufacture Blackberry PlayBooks even though the tablets never sell quite as well as they hope. Next year the company intends to try out a 7 inch tablet with 4G and also perhaps, as the leaked photos below suggest, a 9….7 or

Blackberry Playbook 4G Appearing July 31 for $550

After so much bad news from RIM, we finally see hope for a brighter future. RIM announced that the long awaited Blackberry Playbook… with 4G will be available July 31st for $550. The announcement came as a surprise as most were forecasting for a Fall

RIM Roadmap for 2013 Pops Up Online

Now we have an idea of where RIM is going in 2013 thanks to a leaked production plan. This time it seems like a real roadmap, so hopefully they won’t be running around like chickens with their heads chopped off and they’ll follow the plan…

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet to Arrive at First Without 3G/LTE- A Mistake?

Microsoft plans to release their Windows 8 Surface Tablet without 3G/LTE when it first comes to market. Microsoft has only mentioned that the Surface will be equipped with Wi-Fi and has omitted any discussion of a mobile broadband option. Unnamed business sources have said that…

Samsung Galaxy S3 Heading to Sprint with a Snapdragon S4 Variant?

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S3… has been release, it appears that hasn’t stopped new rumors from emerging about the device. PocketNow has gotten a hold of what appears to be an rdf screenshot or user agent profile outlining the specifications for the SPH-L710 aka

Lenovo IdeaPad S205: Subsidized Wimax Netbook’s Aren’t Dead

Sprint has not abandoned Netbooks and has decided to roll out the Lenovo Ideapad S205… Netbook on their Wimax network.  What is very bizarre is that Sprint had just announced that they are ditching Wimax phones in their portfolio.  Never the less they’ve launched the

New iPad Gets Speed Tested Around the World in Fun Video

The new iPad… biggest selling feature after the A5X processor and the gorgeous display is that it comes sporting 4G, however 4G doesn’t have a universal standard so it’s not supported everywhere.  Since faster speeds are one of the big selling features we find CNETs

Apple Removes 4G from the new iPad’s Advertising

Apple’s new iPad… touts 4G LTE coverage, but the thing is that out side of the US & Canada different 4G frequencies are being used so the iPad isn’t actually 4G compatible. The German consumer protection group already filed a suit against Apple charging them

New iPad Pricing Starts at $499, Existing iPad 2 Stock Starts at $399

There were some rumors that Apple might charge more for the new iPad because the higher-resolution, 2048 x 1536 screen would cost more to produce. But this just didn’t seem in keeping with Apple’s usual MO of keeping the pricing for the new generation the…

iPad HD 4G LTE Rumblings Growing Stronger

The logical next step is for either the next iPad or iPhone to finally incorporate 4G LTE support this year. It seems like the networks from Verizon and AT&T are fairly mature enough for Apple to consider it time to support the feature.

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4G LTE Upgrade Program for Motorola XOOM Tablets Ends March 31

Motorola unwisely shipped out original XOOM tablets without 4G LTE support despite the fact that the tablets have the cellular components inside. However, they made good by offering a free program for Xoom… owners to send their tablets in to get the 4G upgrade. Turnaround

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Debuts on VZW LTE Network Mar. 1, $500 on Contract

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7… really impressed people when it debuted at IFA 2011, thanks to its slim design and beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display. It’ll be available in the US on Verizon’s 4G LTE network starting on March 1, as they announced today.

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Sony Tablet P Now Available in US on AT&T Starting March 4

The Sony Tablet S has been in the US for a while now, but we knew it wasn’t the only tablet Sony released. Finally, their more interesting, dual-screened Tablet P has come to the US as well. Starting on March 4, AT&T will be selling…