HTC Releases Timeline for Android 4.0 Upgrades

We all want to have Google’s latest and greatest operating system, Android 4.0, on our devices. The announcment came by way of a quite update to their Android FAQ page.  HTC lay’s out which of its handsets will receive upgrades to Android 4.0. Over the…

Motorola Lapdock Now Running Android 4.0 instead of Linux

The Motorola Lapdock is an accessory for Motorola smartphones like Atrix…, it is a netbook like device that allows you to have a more robust experience by providing a desktop version of Firefox and a customized Linux operating system called Webtop.  Previously the Lapdock

ASUS Padfone Up For Pre-Order in the UK

ASUS is constantly pushing the boundaries of hybrid devices, first with the Transformer Prime now with the ASUS Padfone.  This  Asus offers a great way to experience both a tablet and a smartphone in one with this invent.
The Pad… features 4.3-inch Super AMOLED

Nokia Concept Design Blends the N9 with the Sony Tablet S

A Nokia tablet concept design has arrived which is a blend of the Nokia N9 smartphone and Sony’s Tablet S….  Cameron McKinnon has made the tablet absolutely enormous measuring in at 14.3 inches.

Nokia Tab uses a massive 14.3 inch display, a 12 megapixel

Hands on: Nokia Asha Series Detailed: 200, 201, 300 & 303 [Video]

Nokia has unveiled the Asha series of phones at Nokia World in London today. There are four phones in the line up, the 200, 201, 300 &303.  These handsets are addressing the low-end feature phone and will be running the Series 40 6th Edition with…

HTC Titan: 4.7″ Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphone Hands On

It looks like HTC is determined to provide the full gambitstay at the forefront of the Windows Phone 7.5 advent. HTC Titan is a rather large Windows Phone Mango smartphone that certainly has a display that reflects its name – sporting a 4.7″ screen that…

iPhone 4S antenna system might infringe on Samsung patents

Looks like Apple might be getting into trouble with their latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. The guys over at 9to5Mac have come across some statements from the same antenna expert who claims to have predicted the iPhone… 4 “antennagate” controversy. Danish professor Gert Frølund

IBM and 3M Team Up to Make Processors 1000x Faster [video]

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Instead of coming up with new semiconductor materials or totally different processor technology, IBM and 3M have hit upon a decidedly low-tech solution to speed up existing processors.

IBM figured out a way to stack chips into…

KT SpiderPad – One Phone To Power Your Laptop, Tablet and Handheld Console

KT (Korean Telecom) is showing off a concept at IFA they’re calling “SpiderPad” which’ll remind you of the upcoming Asus Padfone and the bygone Motorola Atrix…. This concept involves a variety of devices, all powered by your smartphone. The showcase here shows a 4.5-inch

Intel Releases Material Costs of the Ultrabook Category

Intel has apparently revealed the BOM or bill of materials minus assembly costs for the 21mm ultrabooks which have them ringing in at around US$475-650 and the 18mm models at US$493-710. Sources at Digitimes indicate that Intel is planning on meeting with notebook ODM partners…

Motorola Looking to Bring Two New Lapdocks to Market in 2011

When the Motorola Atrix… debuted at CES in January the industry took notice of the innovation. However, when the devices got reviewed, it was a whole different story. The smartphone hardware was average for the price and the Lapdock was the most expensive docking station

Mystery Samsung device sports 1280 x 768 display – tablet or phone?

What do you do when all you’ve got to go on is a 1280 x 768 display, a single core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and Android 2.3 Gingerbread? You’re left to guess whether it’s a tablet or phone. That’s exactly the deal with this mystery…

Chromebooks Looking to Get a Hardware Upgrade To the Core i Series

One of the complaints against the Chomebook is that its too expensive for what is essentially netbook hardware.  So its great news for the smartbook form factor that Intel is rumored to be giving Google Chromebooks a 10-20% discount on Core i Series processors that…

Dual Boot Your MacBook Air with a Chromium OS

wanted to put a limited operating system on your Macbook Air? Well new you can, Chrome OS hacker Hexxeh has just  released a port of Chromium OS for Apple’s version of a netbook.   This isn’t the exact version of Chrome that you’ll get on Chromebooks…

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Review

Samsung has come out with the Series 5 Chromebook… which is essentially a web based laptop where you don’t keep any of your information on the device itself but in the cloud. To break it down for you, we’ve got a list of advantages and