Scaleform No Glasses 3D Gaming UI heading to Tegra Phones & Tablets

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22 Sep, 2010 6:30 pm


Lots of interesting companies here at Nvidia’s GPU Conference and Scaleform certainly fits the bill but not in an obvious way. They are the leading provider of Flash-based user interface tools and middleware for video games and consumer electronics. I usually agree that Middleware is boring but it is a UI for No Glasses 3D and what is interesting is the Tegra Tablets are on their roadmap, phones are first but Tegra tablets are definitely there. Scaleform GFx combines the performance of hardware accelerated 3D graphics technology with Adobe Flash tools to rapidly create immersive 3D UI. So when gaming companies are ready, they’ll have this middleware to help bring us games just a little bit quicker.
YouTube Preview Image

For more information on Scaleform try their website here.

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