Video: Tegra 3 Almost Complete, Working on Tegra 4 & Expect a New Tegra Every Year

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22 Sep, 2010 7:45 am


To wet our appetites and keep us interested in everything Tegra, Jen-hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, told us that not only is a Tegra 3 almost done, Tegra 4 currently underway. If that wasn’t already big enough news, we are told to expect a new Tegra SoC “every single year.” Jen-Hsun did admit that Tegra was a year behind his expectations so if this benchmark of what we should expect over the next year it might be a new Tegra every other.

If there is a ray of hope to have this statement hold true the difference between this year and next year is that Tegra tablets will already be on the market and they won’t be paving the way as they will be following an existing path. So, fingers crossed that the high hopes in the following video actually come to market since I can’t wait to get my hands on a Tegra tablet of my very own!

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