Splashtop supports MeeGo with its Instant On OS – IDF 2010

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21 Sep, 2010 3:15 am

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DeviceVM, is behind the popular Splashtop instant-on OS and is moving forward with MeeGo through by offering OEMs a MeeGo-powered Splashtop.

Instant on has been around for a while and never gained too much traction in the main stream. This new incarnation of Splashtop has a chance to actually make it since typically Splashtop has only been able to offer a few applications, now they’ll have access to Intel’s AppUp store. So rather than being just a simple instant-on environment with Web, e-mail, and Skype the new MeeGo Splashtop will offer a fully functional netbook OS.

You won’t be able to pick this up just yet so keep an eye out for this sometime in early 2011, for now you’ll just have to be satisfied with a demo on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T here at IDF.
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