Dell Dual Core Spinning Screen Tablet/Netbook – IDF 2010 Video

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15 Sep, 2010 2:38 am


Hah, the Sparta! If you recall back in April this year, Sparta was the codename for their netbook tablet with an unusual flip design which was revealed in a leaked roadmap – Peter

This was an interesting development at this morning’s Keynote as I wasn’t expecting any jaw dropping hardware. This is a unique way to deal with the hybrid category having the frame spin around to reveal a keyboard. It’s sporting a dual core Atom N550 processor and will run Windows 7 Home Premium and surprisingly it is meant to ship by the end of the year. This mobile computing device is codenamed Sparta and will have the official name of Duo.

Chippy was also able to grab some more photos but we’ve got the video of the entire presentation here. And unfortunately the word on the street is that no one is going to get a hands on video here at the show, which is very disappointing!

YouTube Preview Image

Press shots:

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  • Anonymous

    looks really cool but the bezel just looks huge to incorporate the swivel feature.

  • Felip

    Good video, they tried to impress the audience and they succeeded. But Tablet PCs with Atom processors and Windows have been quite slow in the past… I’m not sure the dual-core Atom is going to be much better. But the idea is interesting, if performance is good and the screen is responsive.

  • Jesse B Andersen

    Can I just say “WTF” What’s wrong with the existing rotating hinges on most convertible tablets?

  • Ted Calouri

    Fantastic design.

  • Ted Calouri

    The hardware is the most important development here. I agree I would never choose Windows for a lightweight device but if the hardware is there a Ubuntu NBR or MeeGo distro will likely follow.

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  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing wrong with existing designs but I’m glad to see tablet convertible designs can be tackled in a different manner. Whether it’ll work out.. we’ll have to wait for the reviews!

  • Anonymous

    The Intel Atom processors are plenty fast for tablets it’s just that Windows is not optimized for any particular platform. The iPad’s processor isn’t as fast but it whips any Windows 7 tablet in terms of speed outside of plain number crunching.

  • Jesse B Andersen

    I agree. The frame looks like it could easily break… just a little thought.

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  • Saif

    this laptop has been beautifully designed. I love this piece of art!!!!

  • Msmcbarrios

    I love the design. Very innovative.. I was actually thinking of purchasing it myself. But watching multiple revies online about it and its wifi speed its webcam is very low quality and the fact that it takes a while for the applications to load when u press it kinda is a big downfall. Not to mention there’s no cd port and only has 2 usb port is another factor.   But if this could be fixed I would definately purchase one for my husband and I.