AMD Zacate APU Put To Gaming Test, Trumps Core i5

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14 Sep, 2010 9:11 am


AMD’s Fusion platform is exciting stuff and the first lot of Fusion APUs should be out in retail early next year and consists of APUs (fusion of CPU and GPU) for the various markets from netbooks to notebooks but we are mostly interested in the low end stuff which AMD is labelling as the “Brazos” platform and includes both the Ontario and Zacate APUs. Here, we are taking a look at the Zacate APU which is dual core with an 18W TDP intended for thin and light notebooks. The netbook version,Ontario, will run at 9W. We have no idea what the clock speed is but we do know that it supports DirectX 11. (pictured below, right)

The game AMD is showing you is called City of Heroes: Going Rogue. One thing that we did notice is that Going Rogue should run fine on the Core i5 processor, so we are a little sceptical that the setting might have been tweaked to slow performance. Regardless, we are excited to see Ontario up and running. In case you forgot how long we have been waiting the processor’s existence was revealed during a speech from AMD executive vice-president Henri Richard in Computex 2007 held in Taiwan.

We are expecting a few token devices around Christmas with many more appearing after CES.

Here’s a look at the Zacate APU with some gaming vs a Core i5 setup (rather suspicious though)

YouTube Preview Image

Also, take a look at AMD’s official video overview of the Zacate APU:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Nirmy

    so they finally have CPU/GPU combos that can compete directly with Atom & CULV in terms of power consumption

    lets wait & see when all the benchmarks come out to see how they compare in performance

  • pera_kojot

    U gotta love how the geeky fat guy gets shy when the camera is pointed at him :D

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  • X86news

    It’s going to knock all current Atom’s out of the park, and here’s why; It’s going to be “out of order” and not “in order” like the Atom, this is the reason why Atom is so slow it’s “in order” to save on power, but at the expense of performance, so Ontario would have to run like 800MHz before it would be as slow as Atom(If it has the performance of Phenom II) The GPU is another part that will blow away Atom’s current design with GMA3150, Intels GMA has a weldeserved reputation of being horribly slow, I’m working on a laptop with GMA4500 and I would take any AMD onboard GPU over it any day, GMA3150 isn’t capable of playing HD on it’s own, even AMD’s 3200 IGP we’ve seen on 780chipsets can play full HD, and this chip will have the performance of the HD5450 ca. Indeed Atom will need a complete makover early performance numbers point to Ontario leading on CPU side with twice the performance of current Atom CPU’s and the GPU isn’t even worth comparing it will be better.

    We’ll have to see compared to CULV but currently if you’re planning to get a small laptop/netbook AMD might be the choice to go with if you’re willing to wait. Most of all I hope this means we can find 2-300$ Netbooks that aren’t completely useless, I have worked with a couple of the Atom+945 or GMA3150′s and I would rather use my HTC desire.
    2011 will be interesting as AMD finally seem to get a foot inside the Laptop market, something we would have liked for a long time, Turion was a good step but not until now does it seem like AMD will have Intel on a run on something mobile.

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  • Nerpy

    Atom N550 = 13w
    i3, 15, i7 ULV = 18w

    these AMD’s come in at 9w & 18w. if this turns out to be TRUE & better performers then AMD has a real winner here. but as with all things AMD you have to watch out for exaggerations, flat out lies, never delivering.

    i am hoping for the best though

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  • Anonymous

    this looks awesome I am hoping amd comes up with a setup similar to Nvidia’s ION2 with the optimus switching so that when tethered to a power outlet you get awesome dedicated graphics for some decent gaming but then when your on the go you get a nice ability to play 1080p while getting 10 hour battery life.

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  • Best Laptops 2011

    Great points, I’m hoping for something similar.