Qualcomm CEO – Smartbooks are Dead. Killed by Tablets.

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8 Sep, 2010 8:19 pm


Looks like Qualcomm’s IQ 2010 is already full of punchy headlines after CEO Paul Jacobs admitting during the open keynote that tablets such as the iPad had already occupied the niche they expected smartbooks to. Jacobs described tablets like the iPad as delivering the concept of “always-on, all-day devices” that smartbooks had initially promised.

To be fair Qualcomm makes it money through Silicon sales so the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon chip will simply make its way in tablets rather then Smartbooks. If the price point of these keyboard equipped all day computing devices had come out at their original price point of $200 we probably would have seen higher demand. As the market focuses on and leaves the traditional keyboard form factor by the way side, I have to wonder if we are going to be less productive on the road or if Apps can really fill the void of solid data entry.

Via SlashGear

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    looking forward to the dual core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon chips, that will be interesting

  • yojimbo

    While I think tablets will rule the roost for the next year, at least, given their overwhelming mindshare these days, I also have to ask, doesn’t anyone type anything longer than 250 characters these days?

    Surely there’s a market for a netbook form factor with instant on and all day battery life? Anyone?? Bueller??

  • Yojimboj

    While I agree that tablets will rule the shelves for at least a year, given the hype and mindshare levels they currently enjoy, I also have to wonder; does anyone type anything longer than 250 characters these days? Doesn’t anyone want an instant on, all-day computer that still has a full-sized keyboard? Anyone?? Bueller??