News Round Up: Import Ban on Apple Prodcuts? Samsung vs Apple Trail End, Surface Gets Price Point & Cyanogen Mod 10

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20 Aug, 2012 6:48 pm


This week Post PC Nation takes a closer look at the possible import ban on the Apple products in the US, the end of the Samsung Apple trail as well as pricing for the Windows RT edition of Microsoft’s surface tablet and Cyanogen mod 10 on the Galaxy Nexus.

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  • Morpheusman

    Shouldn’t this read “Trial” instead of “Trail”?

  • scloh1

    Shouldn’t it also read “Products” instead of “Prodcuts”?

  • A_Jenkins

    So, you really think the Surface RT will sell for $199?
    Maybe, but you can’t say that it ‘gets price point’. Nothing’s official.

  • CyberGusa

    It’s very unlikely, most evidence suggest competing with the high iPad like price range. Though $200 is reachable if they offer something like a XBox Live Gold 2 year subscription deal.

    Mind that they are integrating XBox Live with W8/RT and they already offered a similar discount deal for XBox 360 with Kinect promotional deal to knock the price down to $99.

    It is already rumored that the Surface will be released with access to the upcoming Halo 4, presumably the online multi-player option that will be available through XBox Live.

    So while the normal price will likely remain closer to say $500, it’s possible they could have a promotional sales price and make their money back with the service contract.

  • Nats

    wow 10 days since an update…do you guys even care anymore?

  • inkflow

    Hello is everything OK???

  • Jordan Hoffman

    What happened? Did you guys change to a different website or something?

  • C4RLOS

    Are you guys still alive? =/

  • User1254

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  • Nicole Scott

    I sure am!! We’ve moved the whole operation to :D

  • Nats

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  • Laptopaholic

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  • david lane

    About time. I had no clue to the issue, of being a moral consumer. After high school, I took my A+ PC Technician course during the summer 98. The instructor wound up spending a day and half of lecture an discussion in knew then this would most likely seal apples fate, and rightfully they should. I’m 32 an not once have I or family has ever owned This Blood Technology. “removing all niceties” lets be honest because this is the same issue, just a different product. I recently talked to my 11 yo son Dominic that was when I realized what I had actually done. now we just need to keep any momentum gained and not allow the mushroom treatment that its had. Apple should be ashamed of them self’s, and punished acordingly

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