Korean Carriers Comfirm iPhone 5 Coming with LTE

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15 Aug, 2012 11:27 pm


Speculating about the details of the iPhone seems to have eveolved into a professional sport, but when carriers weigh in on the subject, that takes things to a whole new level. SK Telecom and KT, have told Korea Times that they’re currently in-talks with Apple regarding an upcoming iPhone.

According to the Korean Times:

SK Telecom and KT are in talks to offer long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity on Apple’s next handset, tentatively named the iPhone 5, officials from the companies said Wednesday. [...]

The new iPhone should feature fourth-generation (4G) LTE support, which will put more of a strain on the battery than the current iPhone 4S’s third-generation (3G) capabilities. It’s widely expected that the new smartphone’s arrival will be announced on Sept. 12 and launched on Sept. 21.

This is pretty interesting news since the new iPad which does sport LTE, it is not of the same variety found in Korea. So news that the new iPhone will support the countries LTE frequency is big news since it means that Apple is making more of an effort to cater to countries out side of the US. It is also pretty interesting that this news should pop ip during the intense legal patent battle taking place between Sasmung and Apple in the US.

Via AppAdvice Source: Korea Times

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