8 Reasons Why Apple’s iPhone 5 Won’t Be a Revolutionary Update

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18 Jul, 2012 12:38 am


Conjecture and rumor swarm around Apple’s products like flies at a summer picnic. Every potential photo is analyzed, every rumor picked over until its dried up. Only Apple can get this kind of attention in the tech world. Not even Samsung garners this much attention.

Our very own Sascha has written up 8 reasons why he believes the iPhone 5 won’t be a revolutionary update and why it won’t compete with the innovations of Android that we’ve seen this year. All that follows, is from Sascha :)

1. Signs Point to Evolution not Revolution

One can argue that LTE and a quad-core processor update is fundamental, but these are generally only features that are available on most competitor’s phones already. Even a marginally enlarged display does not mean that Apple suddenly reinvents the phone.

2. What is revolutionary?

In 2012, it is not really that easy to differentiate between competing smartphones. Large screen, 720p resolution, Super AMOLED display, 8MP camera, quad cores … It’s all one. Mass production of high end technologies makes it harder and harder to say, “This is revolutionary.”

3. Apple just doesn’t “Do” revolutionary updates with the iPhone

Let’s look at the amazing success story and history of the first Apple iPhone, now that was something new. But generation after generation of iPhones since then have received only rudimentary upgrades. Apple seems to have no interest in radical update practices of other companies. They don’t take risks, and as they say, nothing risked, nothing gained. The iPhone is developed in small steps and the sales figures give Apple the right to mosey along.

4. Don’t scare the business customer

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, it was aimed especially at the retail level. Meanwhile (and this is due above all to the enormous number of extremely high quality apps), the iPhone is also a popular platform for business customers and those afraid of radical updates like the plague!

5. Apple has to catch up, not overtake!

Of course, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG make technical leaps with each generation. The 2nd generation of the iPad and iPhone 4S had to catch up technically with the competition, but they did not overtake the competition. Apple’s loyal customer base will buy them anyway because technical wizardy isn’t their concern.

6. Ultimately, the software counts.

Apple’s iOS has not reinvented the mobile operating system, or even defined it, but they have revolutionized the market and created a brand that reaps much profit in annual updates. The closed ecosystem offers definite advantages in the integration of fundamental functions and is therefore very popular.

7. Technological gimmicks are expensive.

A transparent display? A 20MP camera or even a 1080p display? Revolutionary technologies are expensive and if Apple wants to upset the competition, they need something to justify the price. Of course, Apple is a premium brand and clearly that iPhone is in its highest stage as a luxury item, but there is also a limit for Apple!

8. To Apple users,  a revolution isn’t necessary.

Nobody has brand loyalty like Apple. Nobody even dreams of achieving the emotional response Apple triggers with its customers. The iPhone will certainly be a bestseller this time around as well because of this customer base, so why, would Apple start revolutionizing what already works so well?

What do you think? Is the iPhone 5 worth the hype? What is a revolutionary update in today’s market? Will you be getting an iPhone 5?


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  • Jordan Hoffman

    I wont be getting an iphone but I have plenty of respect for their accomplishments. A revolutionary update means bringing a new feature to a phone that affects how it can be used (e.g. a better resolution therefore isn’t revolutionary since it doesn’t change much of the use). Even if the feature isn’t entirely new, if it’s the first to be done solidly then its still revolutionary. Siri feels revolutionary. I can’t think of a company that’s been more revolutionary than Apple and they continue to impress me with their creativity to this day. Now their patent crap… that’s another story.

  • http://soltesza.wordpress.com/ sola

    I won’t be getting an iPhone since I don’t like sky-high walled-gardens and I don’t like unethical companies (among others, abusing the patent system).

    Moreover, Android phones are quickly reaching the stage where they can function as full-fledged computers (take Ubuntu for Android). I will support this line of evolution with my money.

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  • Jon Garrett

    I wont be getting an iPhone because I stopped buying apple products since Oct 2011 because of all the lawsuits and fan boy BS. switching from iOS to Android was the best move I ever made concerning a mobile device.

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  • jb82

    I won’t buy apple or google. They are both full of rubbish.

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  • Apple pie

    These are “8 lies”…
    I mean everyone have seen such articles about iphone since 2009,and what was the result ? Successful device sold millions !,and when the iphone 4 lunched there was samsung galaxy s2 which had better camera and chipset,but though the iphone 4 sold higher number of units.
    believe me it doesn`t only depend on technology to make iphone more requested,apple have there own planning strategy which started with steve jobs and apple should continue this strategy to keep on their stunning achievment.
    By the way I love android very much and at the same time I`m going to buy the next iphone ! .

  • ben dover

    It’s true that The iPhone has always had loyal buyers. The reason is because nobody has the mindless cult following like apple. Of course if you really look at marketshare android is still clearly on top(43% to 25%). The truth hurts sometimes. The fact is apple has copied android before(pull-down notification for ios4 which have been in android since 1.5), then they sued Samsung for having icons on a touchscreen. Oh, and if you think apple invented multi-touch you better do some research. Apple’s motto should be: don’t innovate, litigate.