ASUS Padfone Docking Station Review After 6 Weeks – Is it Worth Buying?

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13 Jul, 2012 2:56 pm


Well it’s been 6 weeks since we picked up the Padfone and we thought that we would give you our impressions of the docking station.  We have already done a 4 week review of just the phone and now we thought we would follow up with the dock.  If you’re after a detailed review of the Padfone, the dock and the station we still stand by our original review. So if you want benchmarks and hardware details we did all that when we first got the phone.

What I’ve decided to do for you here is explain the usage scenario of the Padfone and its accessories because let’s face it, it’s a brand new concept so thought we would take a minute to specifically address it.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is our extended review of the Padfone smartphone itself.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Ariyan Haghgoo

    what do u think about the Asus Transformer Infinity?
    it is the best tablet in the market but what type of people should buy that?some like me which is a gammer?or not?
    thank u..

  • isty

    how did the battery behave? does it last at least a day?
    i want to buy this phone and i am wondering:) thanx

  • Mujtaba

    Dear Nicole! I recently bought asus padfone. Although i am liking the functionality yet there are couple of things which i need you to help me with. First, you said, in one of your videos that you had problems pairing your stylus with your padfone. Well, i am having the same issue and i cant seem to figure out, how to do so. So if you could help me with it, i’ll be extremely thankful. Thing is that i am unable to connect my phone with my stylus, no matter whichever method i try Second issue is that, i am sure you have rooted your phone, can you please tell me how did you do so with its newest firmware because on xda, i dont seem to find a solution I’ll be extremely thankful for your input
    Best Regards
    Dr. Mujtaba

  • Nick

    What kind of review/opinion compares a tablet/netbook -even one with a phone inside- with an ultrabook? Hey, I don’t like motorcycles because I cannot carry 5 people! That’s specially bad in a website named “Netbook News”. Is Quake bad if it doesn’t like to an adventure gamer? Does the Padfone Docking Station compare to an IBM AS/400 Server? Well, some day phones will probably be that powerful -don’t ask me what for-, and this is the first step. The only sentence that saves the review is that Nicole explicitly says that it doesn’t adjust to her user experience.

    With that in mind, probably the padfone is not the best solution for someone that needs to edit video on-the-fly. If you need that, yes, carry an ultrabook and a mobile with teethering. If you only use the tablet at home (my case) or sometimes want to carry a so-limited-tablet, and the size is less important than autonomy -charing the phone is a plus-, Data Sync -only one device means everything available, specially if you have the feet in the ground, that is, out of the cluod-, and Data Plans or teethering, this is a great device.