Google Nexus Q Media Streamer on Google Play for $299

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28 Jun, 2012 12:28 am


The Google Nexus Q has appeared on in the Google Play Store and it’s described as a “social streaming media player”. The Nexus Q appears to be a cloud-based device that streams music, video, and YouTube videos, and lets users share and create playlists from their own devices. The Nexus Q will also do double-duty as an amplifier, letting user plug in their own speakers that can be powered by the device’s 25-watt amp. On the rear, you’ll find an array of inputs and outputs, including micro HDMI, optical audio, and speaker output.

It seems as if Google is going head to head with Apple’s TV and Sonos.  Check out the official Google Q video here:

YouTube Preview Image


We’ve also got the official presentation from the Google keynote:

YouTube Preview Image

Via TheVerge

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