Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Specs Leaked – 11.6″ with AMD E1 1200, E2 1800, or Intel Core i3

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25 Jun, 2012 5:00 pm


Details have emerged on an 11.6 inch ThinkPad from Lenovo, the X131e in the form of some leaked internal slides.  The Lenovo ThinkPad X131e will come sporting an AMD Brazos APU with E1 1200 or E1800 editions as well as an Intel version with a Core i3 CPU.

If we take a closer look at the specs it looks like Lenovo might have a pretty compelling device on their hands since the ThinkPad X131e is the companies new entry-level ThinkPad.  This means that we should expect the X131e in the $500/500 € depending on the geography.

The two new Brazos APUs are the successors to the E-300 and E-400 series, these dual core processors come in at 1.4GHz for the E1 1200 and 1.7GHz for the E1 1800.  You’ll be able to find the the Radeon HD 7310 in the E1 1200 and the Radeon HD 7340  in the E1 1800.  The Brazos 2.0 line of processors are very competitive with a TDP of 18W and they can be very easily compared to the entry level Sandy Bridge Core i3 processors from Intel.

Model Scores Frequency L2 cache Graphics Shader cores GPU base /
Turbo frequency
E1-E1-1200 Series 2 1.4 GHz 1 MB HD 7310 80 500 MHz / N / A 18 watts
E2-E2-1800 Series 2 1.7 GHz 1 MB HD 7340 80 523 MHz / 680 MHz 18 watts

Connectivity wise we’ve got some nice inclusions, HDMI as well as USB 3.0 you’ve also got a pimped out webcam that can record 720p. If that’s not enough for you they’ve also included support for Dolby Advanced Audio v2.

As expected the ThinkPad X131e has seen a bump in RAM and performance so it’s clear that you’re getting a newer more powerful machine.  The big question that remains is availability? We expect it to be available in September in both the AMD and Intel versions and it will fit nicely into both the Netbook and entry level Ultrabook category.

It’s nice to see AMD in some hot looking products from Lenovo, it’s true that we’ve seen their processors in previous editions, but I’m always happy to see competitively price devices hit the streets with good build quality.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that Lenovo won’t let us down.

Via NetbookNews.de

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