Lenovo Plans Dual Screen Notebook with Windows 8 to Compete with ASUS Taichi

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23 Jun, 2012 1:17 am


ASUS introduced the TaiChi at Computex its first ultrabook that can be used, thanks to a second touchscreen in the lid, as a tablet. With such a wonder, the company received the undivided attention of visitors at Computex. The great interest in the ASUS Taichi seems to have inspired Lenovo to take a stab at it. According to DigiTimes, Lenovo will also offer a dual-screen laptop, but no details are available on the project as of yet. Lenovo will obviously offer a very broad portfolio of convertible tablet notebooks for Windows 8. One has already been announced: the Lenovo Yoga, the first model with a full touchscreen display.

Whether the dual-screen notebook can work out a niche in the market, is certainly questionable, since they will probably anything but cheap. The cost of the additional display, not to mention a touchscreen make the retail price of a notebook get a whole lot loftier than many customers are willing to pay. The approach is interesting though, right?

Source: DigiTimes


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