First “Moorestown” 1.9 GHz Intel Atom Z650 Tablet Sighted

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29 Jul, 2010 7:16 am



Looks like Moorsetown is hitting the streets of China in August, the Intel Atom Z650 1.9GHz processor can be found in a Chinese tablet, Teso. Teso has on display this 9.7-inch tablet available in two flavors – Atom Z515 1.2GHz or Atom Z560 1.9GHz.

The Z515 version runs Windows 7 OS while the Z650 version comes with either MeeGo or Android. The reason for the differing operating system is that the new Intel Atom Z600 processors “Moorestown” architecture is fundamentally different from its predecessor the Z500 series. As far as we know the new chipsets offers no support for a normal BIOS, but supports what’s called a Simple Firmware Interface (SFI) and some specific BIOS options. This means that it can not be used with Windows which is for x86 systems.


Of course this is all speculation as Intel has yet to provide detailed information about the Z600 series. You can clearly see on Intel’s fact sheet that the processor is running at 1.9GHz and that up to this point in time there has been definite lack of BIOS support.

Via GadgetMix and source Shanziben

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