Computex 2012 Acer Iconia W510: New 10.1 Inch Windows 8 Tablet *Hands-On Video*

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4 Jun, 2012 10:16 pm


Acer is fishing in a little pond with its Iconia W510 tablet, a 10.1-inch tablet with a detachable keyboard, which sounds a little bit like the Acer version of ASUS’s Transformer series. One small but subtle difference marks the Acer Iconia W510: the operating system is Windows 8!

As expected, Acer opened the Computex-dance with the Windows 8 tablets we can expect to see released this year. The 10.1-inch tablet has an IPS display and a detachable keyboard. The latter ensures that the battery life is doubled, and thus comes to a total of 18 hours. We don’t know all the specs or the exact availability, but the Verge mentioned a price of about $799 for the device. We hope to see more information about the device during the week of Computex.

Here is Nicole’s hands-on video:

YouTube Preview Image

Sources: The Verge, Endgadget and

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  • Jordan Hoffman

    I believe this will be running their next version of the atom processor, clover trail. In other words, it makes for a nice paper weight.

  • Kj_pda

     The original Acer W500 wasn using an AMD Fusion processor.  Why doesn’t anyone make mention of that as it pertains to this new version.  The Fusion processor is overall faster than the intel equivalent (dual core atom).

  • Roark Dority

    Please continue… 

  • Roark Dority

    Can you please explain?  I don’t know much about clover trail.  Thanks!

  • Jordan Hoffman

    I don’t know much either, but it’s a continuation of the atom processors which are specifically made for netbooks. They are very weak performance wise, and with the cheap cost of more powerful ultrabooks nowadays, there’s no reason to get netbooks anymore. Therefore, no reason to get this product. A pity, it looks nice at least.