Nvidia’s Project ‘Kai’ Has $199 Quad Core Android 4.0 Tablets in Mind

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23 May, 2012 6:24 pm


We’ve been waiting on $199 based on Nvidia’s Quad-Core Tegra solution to start popping up since the processor company stood on stage at CES with ASUS and said…it’s coming.  Rumors point to the MeMo 370T being scrapped and possibly being rebranded as a Google tablet, but until now we had no word on how Nvidia was going to power a $199 tablet.  NVIDIA has now laid out the concept as an official strategy, dubbed “Kai”.

The Kai strategy allows NVIDIA to take ideas from Tegra 3 and pair them with lower cost components, as well as reduce the power consumed by the display of the tablet. Which likely means that Kai is a reference design or guideline for Android OEMs to order to hit such an aggressive price.

You won’t hear anyone complaining if they manage to pull off a quad core Android 4.0 tablet, but I am glad to see they’ve got a plan to go with that ambitious statement.

Via TheVerge

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